Learning Curve .... Omg! Sales people don't know as much as the HACKRS!

Talked to a salesperson after many emails. She asked me the same question over,and over. Then pretty much said the sales price and the lease price would be different. REALLY? Different incentives. Huh… well what incentives did you use when you could magically match the dealers price of $3,400 more than you originally quoted me. Now idea about MSD. I’m telling you they act like you’re crazy when you mention it!!! :rage::rage::rage:Infiniti QX80 BTW.

Standard car sales people are paid nothing, they get minimum wage if they make no sales, but if they make commission then they have to make more than minimum wage before it actually adds to the wages. These are just people trying to make their way in the world, not everyone has the same motivation in life. Some will go far and other will tread water but no matter how frustrating it is to deal with them, they get up everyday and go to work instead of laying about living of the state.

And yes, we do know more than 99% of sales people :slight_smile:

Thanks for the talk down…Lol😀
I could respect it more if they said they weren’t familiar with it. Then to be stumbling around for a answer. Maybe it’s a sign to just get a Lexus!

I have found Lexus sales people to be the very best. Everyone I talk to there knows the products inside out. I was really impressed.

Yeah but then you have to drive a Lexus :scream:

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When you can drive a hellcat. :grinning:


What residual and mf are you seeing?

On the LexusGX 65% /36mth /10,000 /.00170 ?..Infiniti QX 80 60% /36 /10,000/.00179 …-1% for both 39mths.

My dealer admitted they do not do many leases and I knew more about them than the finance manager. This is a small town dealer in the country that mostly sells trucks, so somewhat understandable.

I really think the problem was they also only wanted to give me 5% off when I had no problem getting 9-11% elsewhere. They just didn’t want to go into their pocket.
It’s infuriating when you know they’re giving you a line of BS!:unamused: However If I didn’t find this forum I might buy that line.

The interesting thing between these 2 models is that the GX at 5pt higher RV will be in a higher equity position at the end of the lease. What is the monthly payment spread on these 2 deals?

The only numbers I have are the ones I calculated myself. I can’t get a number close to the ones I calculated on the QX80 ,however I’m only at the start with dealers. Only one came back with a lease # and was way off. There is no way he used MSD of 9. I think I got decent discounts on both so far. Qx80 74,000 down to 64
GX 67,000 to 61,000. Do you have any suggestions?. I’d be happy to learn from anyone’s experience as I’m a newbie.

With those numbers and rough estimate on TTL, it looks like the QX80 will be at least $720/month with $8000 drive-off ($6750 in MSDs). Were you looking to spend that much? I remember you wanted to stay in the $500s, but that was for an RX350 before.

Oh h***no! Lol
I’m doing something wrong. I used the calculator. Idk one dealer came back $3000 down $780 10,000… 39mths ,but I didn’t see any MSD listed. I want to be at $600 a mth max or less. Driving a Yukon Denali don’t mind down sizing,just not down grading. Thank you so much I don’t want to :eyes: like a idiot?.

I was calculating at 36 months. At 39 months, the numbers look alittle better. Remember, this is a rough estimate as I don’t know the fees and taxes.

Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $661
Drive Off: $8,195
Total MSD payment: $6,300

It does seem the best deals are going to be Lexus. RX or GX. That door on the GX is throwing me though. Thank you very much …I’m truly appreciative.

Yes the rear door opening sideways was a deal breaker for me. I never understood that logic.