LC500 vs C8 Corvette I need your help leasehackers

Looking to get into one of these next year for my weekend car.
They have the same level of attractiveness to me which is why I’m asking you guys.
I only care about appearance so which car do you think looks better and will turn more heads?

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Why not get what YOU like instead of what you think others like?


I think both look horrible

Because I truly DONT know which looks better.

I have a feeling this is gonna be a fun thread! Which heads you would like to turn so we can serve you better? Girls, boys, old people…etc ?

I think the lc500 looks better but the c8 will turn more heads


I think the c8 looks better but the lc500 will turn more heads


Doesn’t matter the more the merrier.

I think he should come back next year
Where is @max_g to shut this nonsense down?


Calculating…What state are you in?

no one cares about lexus. but only old dudes will think your C8 is cool.

These are completely different cars…what’s your end game?

Not sure if anyone here is keeping up on the social media and YouTube famous but the C8 is a total game changer when it comes to Corvette: totally unlike all previous generations.

If you’re agnostic as to which one looks better, go with which one makes you smile more to drive.

Actually, do that regardless of which one looks better.

Some men don’t care what others think but some Minh_Do.