LC 500 lease quote

Has anyone else gotten lease quotes on the LC 500? The lease takeover I did on an RC F will be maturing in a few months and I love the LC 500. I got an initial quote from a Beverly Hills dealer (I’m in the midwest).

MSRP: $100,102
Selling Price: $89,416
0 down
$1273/month including tax

They are including a $4000 rebate and the residual is $51,052.

I’m paying $674/month for a 36/12k on the RC F which sold for just over $75k, so I was hoping to get an LC 500 for under $1000/month if possible. Is that realistic?

Thanks for the help.

Is that rebate included in the sales price? Also, how about MSDs?

It is included. I could put down MSD’s if necessary. I don’t have any with the RC F, but I took over someone else’s lease and they had put $10,000 down on the car and not asked for any of it back to transfer the lease so I wasn’t going to push my luck :slight_smile:

You possibly could have gotten another RC F at the end of last year with MSDs but right now an LC F will be tough below $1,000. Wait for March.

I can see the LC500 getting cheaper in the next few months. Most have just been sitting on dealers lots for the second half of 2017, they’ll eventually start budging.

I’m in a similar situation where I’ve extended my RCF lease (699 for 24 mo) since the end of December and am deciding on waiting or jumping ship to an F Type R or something similar.

I’ll be interested to see what you decide. I’ve seen zero LC 500’s on the road in Indianapolis along with no other RC F’s and only one GS F. That’s one of the reasons I’d like to stay with something like the RC F. I see more Lotus and Ferrari models around here, and get quite a few compliments and pictures taken. It’s also incredibly fun to drive, but I’m hoping the replace the absolute dumpster fire infotainment system with Apple CarPlay.

Pre tax this should go for 1065 on an msrp of 102

Thank you. I’m going to see what kind of deal I can make in November (high HP RWD coupes don’t exactly fly off the lots for Indiana winters) and extend my lease to the end of the year or longer if I need to. I’ll pull the trigger on one if I can get it down below $1k/month assuming I don’t fall in love with something else. I tried the Giulia Quadrafoglio and almost fell out of my chair laughing at those lease numbers.