Laughably upside down on an S90. Stick it out I guess?

June 2018, using A-Plan elite pricing in NY State I bought a T5 AWD S90 with convenience package (MSRP $57k) for something like $52k after various discounts, etc.

$0 out of pocket except first payment and 35 more payments at $576 per, with 15k miles/year. At the time it was a decent deal, I have no complaints about that. I think residual is $29k and I have 18 payments left, so $39300 to buy out now–although volvo financial website claims $43k. I think because it includes tax.

ANYHOW, I love the car, but being a shameless, despicable chronic leaser I’m ready for something else.

I went to Carmax three months back and they couldn’t give me more than $29k for it. I called Volvo and they said they could do about $30k. This means that I personally spent at that time just under $10k on the car but it had depreciated over $20k. This is why you should never buy a luxury car (just lease them).

Anyway, it looks like I cannot get out of this until I have no more than 9 months left, and hope Volvo has the 9 month early lease swap. Any other approach? It’s spectacular how much this has dropped in actual value when I look on, etc. for used ones.

No, it wasn’t. Just keep driving.


It was actually at the time (last June). A-Plan is the lowest any dealer here would go (I contacted a couple). Remember this is also $100/month premium due to driving 15k/year.

With the 9 month pull ahead (if available) just wait it out until you get there.


Even with $3k a-plan cash you could probably do better without a-plan. $576/mo on a $52K S90 is just plain bad. But it is what it is with the low RV.

You posted literally the exact same question in May 2018.

No, there are no recent magic solutions.


Not quite literally, but close. Good memory :slight_smile: Better than mine actually!

Very poor memory actually. I always check a user’s past topics to see if it’s worth my time to type out an answer.


So glad It was worth your time to actually go back and copy and paste someone’s prior post and then make a snarky comment about something being worth your time. Seems kind of redundant. But then again, Lol

So glad it was worth your time to do the same. You seem to do it quite frequently.


I’m paying $340 a month on a 24/15 for a $61k s90 leased at the same time.

It, too, has about $15k in negative equity

Just look at this time around as an opportunity to be more aggressive.

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Or, consider sticking to companies that allow lease transfers (GM, BMW, Toyota, etc.). It’s what’s making me rethink another VW lease once my wife’s Jetta is up next month.

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