Latest offer received on Jeep Trailhawk


I called the sales manager out on the MF of .00236 which he quoted me in an email. He responded with some nonsense about this rate being the best combination of RV, MF, and rebates. I said I understand that may vary, but not to the equivalent of a 5.7% apr. Otherwise this looks solid I think. So I just ask to keep everything as is but drop the MF? Do I buy it down from here with MSDs? Negotiate it down a bit and then add MSDs?

How is there possibly a $50k Jeep Cherokee???

his pic says Grand Cherokee

Ridiculous. High MF, low RV and laughable discount. Pass

High apr and higher rebates on a fca project means he was probably offering a lease through a non captive bank with the IDL cash rebate.

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