Last week of July offers. Chevy lease Orange County expired 07/31/18

Today is the end of the dealerships June numbers. Huge discounts…
Tomorrow is the start of July numbers still Huge discounts…
current GM incentives are good till Monday 07/02/18. July offers start Tuesday 07/03/18. But Discounts will be the the same only the GM incentives will be different. Discounts come from the dealership no GM.

Don’t get caught up on the OTD. If you don’t know the Sale price you might be leaving money on the table. Lower Sale Price = lower amount leased = lower monthly payment after GM incentives. So Cal people don’t be shy. let’s talk …

Adolfo Moreno
Internet Sales Manager
Guaranty Chevrolet
5 freeway @ 17th st exit

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New Month New discounts… My department is working toward taking over the Chevy market in Southern California. Happy July …

Is Chad still at Guaranty?

Yup. accross the hall from me. What is your name so I can tell him.

I’ll try to post some offers tomorrow 07/03/18. I got a new Boss and he wants to prove a point. I appreciate all of the email and phone calls guys. I’m glad i was able to help so many people out this month. Sorry for taking a few weeks off.
I’ll try to be here for you guys all month long. Keep those lease request coming.
Adolfo Moreno
Internet Sales Manager

Wow what a response for July. Keep em coming guys. I just got my new department pricing sheet and oh my god… it’s still super aggressive. I wish we had more base LT models. Now I only have Green mist left. 3 premier Volt I have Blk, Blk and Satin Steel. I have a good mix of Traverse. Bolt LT and Premiere Inventory look good even though some of you guys don’t like the lease offers.

Adolfo Moreno
Internet Sales Manager

@SOCALChevyPro, any interesting deals for Traverse?

2018 Equinox LS
36mo 10k miles $1,000 Due
$194mo + tax
includes Comp lease

$222mo + tax $0 Due
36mo 10k miles per year
comp lease

Looking at the Bolt, what are the numbers on a 3yr 10,000 a year

email me include your zip code. Any current leases?

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here is my zip code 91745

My July Volt and Bolt offers expire on the 31st

$259 mo Lease 35 payments $0 out of pocket **
Pick your Volt

$363 mo Lease 35 payments $0 out of pocket
** Contact me for details**
Pick Your Bolt
Both lease offers are on LT base models. Please contact me for Lease details
Adolfo Moreno
Internet Sale Manager
714-560-4250 Office number
Guaranty Chevrolet
711 E 17th st Santa Ana Ca 92706