Last call to get a Nissan Leaf

From what I understand, starting with 2023, it will become much more difficult to get a Nissan Leaf. What I have been told is very few allocations are available and that some dealers will be unable to take orders or stock units on the lot. Also, they are reducing the number of trim options down from 5 to 2 (SV Plus and S only). Made a few phone calls to see if I could find one, and I found four in-transit 2023 Leaf S with delivery in Nov/Dec.

All units had MSRP $29,860.

Dealer 1 is in NJ, wants $3300 in blessings but qualifies $2500/NJ and $7500/Fed…
Dealer 2 is in PA, will take MSRP but only qualifies for $7500/Fed.

Splitting the difference, the total cost (in NJ) would be around $24K.

If leasing, NMAC offers $950 in lease cash and a decent RV for 18/24 month terms… Putting this out because it’s a sold entry-level EV for those looking to get ahead of the curve.

EDIT: All 4 units sold within a few hours today.


I test drove one awhile back. :wastebasket:


You like to flip cars so go get one!

The Leaf is pretty bottom barrel of EV’s


Nissan, in general, is pretty bottom barrel of passenger vehicles


Well I’m an EV guy, I do have a Rogue and ‘SO FAR’ it’s been problem free (I am waiting for the CVT to die)

if a gen 2, you might have an extension on the clock…

Mine’s a 2021 so Gen 3?

Just spreading the word. Rt 22 Nissan (NJ) → $10K ADM for Nissan Leaf S. Avoid.


We love our Leaf.

Just to balance this thread out.


Thought you were looking at I5 or EV6? Big diff

All the sources I read said it would be discontinued after 2025 and they just refreshed it (mildly) for 2023. Maybe the dealer is telling you that to get you to rush and pay their mark up?

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Same here. Drives nice, good features, good one pedal driving modes. Efficient, comfortable. For the price point, no complaints!

This Nissan GM I spoke with had no inventory and no allocations available for 2023. I’ve worked with him before so I reached out to him first, to see if he could take an order and he could not. If not discontinued, will not be so readily available.

Let’s ask @AutoCompanion if they can take a leaf order right now?

I don’t doubt you but halting orders doesn’t mean it’s discontinued.

Looking for an I5, Mach-E, or Lightning… had the Leaf for over a year.

Also have a Y… building our EV stable. :slight_smile:

Our dealer can’t I am sorry. I believe there is some level of store requirement to sell leafs and our network dealer isn’t there.

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