Largest volume Jeep dealers in the South East

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Can the hacker community help me identify the largest volume Jeep dealers in the South East? (FL, GA, NC, SC, AL,TN) I am having trouble capturing a decent discount on a wrangler and it seems maybe I am calling small low volume dealers.

Thank you

Large volume doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a decent discount from them.


It works for my audi s4. I would assume it would be the same for Jeep.

I just got a much better price on my recent Audi than any of the higher volume dealers would do.

In the days of limited inventory especially, I’d be very hesitant to focus only on high volume dealers. That’s not to say you should avoid the high volume dealers, just don’t assume it’s the magic ticket.

These guys have a pretty large inventory:

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What is your approach ? Call/email sales manager and tell them exactly what you are looking for? If not, move on to the next dealer?

Yup. “I’m interested in stock #xxxx. My offer is yyyyy. If you agree to my numbers, I can be there in 2 hours to take delivery.”


Your time would be much better served researching on the Jeep forums as well as searching the Marketplace and Shared Deals sections here on LH. There are a number of dealers that have been mentioned in both areas, some are high volume and some are not, etc.

Otherwise, just start Google-ing “Jeep Dealer {big southern city X}” to get a list of most likely high volume candidates…

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Try Tri-City Jeep in Eden, NC.

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