Land Rover demo question

Hey everyone

searched but can’t seem to find the answer…does LR adjust rv on demo units? Looking to see if a Discovery Sport is hackable in new england


Yes they do, apparently against the deal, Hennessy showed me against rv. Per mile cost for sure, Ethan says .20 and .30 per mile over x. @Bostoncarconcierge is who I recommend in the area, he has some awesome JLR contacts.

It might be more or less, I genuinely can’t remember. : thank you Ethan!

It’s charged against the deal (not a residual adjustment).

Over 200 miles

If MSRP is under $50,000 - .20c per mile

If MSRP is over $50,000 - .30c per mile


thanks! so on the LH calc it would just be added back say on the “fees” line?

i just leased a discovery sport and did the following to take into account the demo mileage:

  1. calculate excess mile cost ((# of miles on odometer * .2) or .3 depending on what the MSRP of your disco is)
  2. add that to the selling price of the car. so if your car is currently selling for 37500, and if your step 1 resulted in $500 bucks of excess mileage cost, the selling price in the LH calc should be 38000
  3. leave the RV as base on the LH calc

you could also try to adjust the residual value of the car to try to get a new RV %. it should not make a difference mathematically which of the two methods you use. if you adjust the RV, dont add the excess mileage cost to the selling price obviously.

Just add it to the sales price

I saw that amazing deal you negotiated and got me thinking if i can replicate something like this in new england as we have a few units here, some have been listed for ~4 months. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

thanks for the help everyone!

Definitely contact Boston. He has some awesome dealer contacts in NE.

2020s? That banana may not have any green left on it, but you won’t find a brown spot either. That’s not especially long given everything else going on.

Work your best deal, but those RRs are far from distressed.

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