Lamborghini Urus S


Hi guys, sorry if this isn’t the right place to post this, but I have an opportunity to order an Urus S with no mark up, delivery in 3 months or so. I was wondering if there is any opportunity to flip for a profit? The local dealer said 50k above asking for an order and 1 year+ wait so i figured there may be an opportunity to flip. Thank you.

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Probably but you’ll probably be blacklisted if you flip it within x amount of time.

I personally don’t flip unless a guarantee I can make a profit or minimal loss, and can afford the car.


Sure, you probably can, but expect to never be able to buy from that dealer or possibly any new Lamborghini again, if you don’t care about that, go for it I guess.

@ethanrs what do you think?

If I recall correctly, @ethanrs got out of his just before they tanked in value?

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Balls to the walls. Yolo. Scared money don’t make money.


Yeah these seem to hold value well, at worst i’ll keep it for a year and sell at minimum loss.

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Are you hiring?


I sold my $287,000 window for $345,000 (pre-S) right as I saw the market shifting. I’ve seen the first 2023 S listed retail for 50k over, but the market is coming down rapidly. I don’t think it’s worthwhile to get yourself blacklisted and use your credit for $5-10k profit in a best-case scenario.

Damn its a 25k loss at this point if i don’t take the car. Think it will hold value if I keep it for a year?

I’d be guessing if I gave you an answer, why is it a $25,000 loss? Deposits are legally required to be refunded in most states.

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As long as they gave him a receipt for the deposit, if the dealers in Florida they don’t have to refund. It’s the Wild West down here.

With that said, I can’t see you losing more then your 25k deposit over a year unless you get in an accident in it. They seem to hold value well, especially in the market here buying at msrp.

The economy could always change all that but I don’t see wealthy people losing their taste for exotics anytime soon. They will be less affected by inflation anyway.


The very first cars are wholesaling around 20k over - I don’t foresee much profit in 3 months. As far as holding the car, I wouldn’t recommend it if things keep going the way they are. Most stores are sold out for 1-2 years but you also have to consider how much of that list is going to fall off with economic conditions and flippers backing out of allocations. Pre-covid Urus discounts were plentiful.

I was just saying if it’s losing 25k now or driving it a year and maybe losing 35-40. id go with the latter. I agree with the potential to profit is gone.

I’d have a hard time walking away from 25k deposit. Rather drive the car for some months and lose it that way…


Sunk costs are a b!tch.

Maybe they’ll give the deposit back out of kindness? Or OP can find a replacement to take his allocation & they’ll give it back? No clue

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You’re potentially talking about a Florida lambo dealer here :joy:

Chances are very slim they would do that when they don’t have to.

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If it’s Miami - probably “the collection” or “Prestige”

I’d get the deposit back asap or just reach out directly to the owner

Maybe you can get out of it by being declined on financing. Maybe understate income on the credit app. I think if you don’t get approved I would imagine they’d have to refund it. If you back out because there’s “no more profit in it” they are probably within their rights to tell you to kick rocks, esp since you took the allocation away from someone who actually wanted to use and keep it.

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What “right” are you speaking about? Isn’t there state laws that govern this or The manufacturer guidelines

Seems pretty terse that one should be stripped of $25k for backing out