Lamborghini for LOL

Saw this in my inbox- thought it’d be fun to laugh at together. Also 2,500 miles per year :joy:


For the low low cost of $11.45/mile, You too can have an expensive paperweight!


That 3.6 time is awful for that cost.

I like the low DAS of just $18,000 or $500 a month.


that’s dope…how do I sign up for the emails. :rofl:

Just slide your mortgage right here to get approved for Tier 1 Lamborghini credit.

It’s not even the Performante…

If one can afford the cost of entry i’m sure you would lose less money just buying it and selling it off later

Makes the lambo look cheap… lol

$197,000 for 7,500mi?
That’s $26.26 per mile built into the lease…That makes extra miles a bargain at $1.50/mi…

If you went over by 12,500mi/yr to 15K that brings cost per mile down to a laughably cheap $5.62/mi.


That is strange how the extra mile is only 1.50 while the initial miles are ridiculous pricey.

Where can you sign up with this kind of mails?

I’ll take 10 of them.

I’m sure this e-mail gets blasted out to every NBA and NFL first rounder


That Aston quote is outrageous!
My dad told me that BH Aston Martin had some great deals, I reallllly hope he’s not referring to that one.
If he is I’ll just get him in a hacked i8 and an m4CS for me for half the price of that madness and without 40k down wtf

Ready for LOL 1 upmanship!

Dealer exact words. “I have an aggressive offer!! Are you ready for this…”
Only $2,600 out of pocket, 7500 miles/year, 36mo, $2,500/mo…
Hahahahaha then told me I can swap out of that lease b/c Maserati allows it… (we have a Levantine and GTS right now neither of which will chase let us out of early lol unless car lease originated in CT and transfer in CT!)
He was belligerent that this deal is great. And that one can transfer…

…Might as well throw in the extra $500/mo and finance it at that lease price!

“Italian taste and handicraft…”? Haha. I am on some mailing list for deals on local exotics, mostly low mileage pre-owned, and the guy who used to send them for the dealer started his own thing at some point. I always thought it was pretty cool. About a year later, I was looking at houses and was talking cars with the model home agent and it turns out he is the guy’s brother. He is now back with the original dealer, didn’t work out. Still, must be nice to be around those cars all day, driving them, showing them off. Even if you are working for someone else. Maybe someday when I am near retired…

You cannot transfer a Maserati if its through Chase/Maserati.
Only bank that allowed transfer was Ally but I think Maserati works with Chase now.