LA County Lease Tax

Hi, I noticed my lease payment went up this month and when I contacted the finance company I got the following message, “An audit of your account shows an increase in the sales tax for your area from 9.5% to 10%. Notification was received as of 10/25/19. This increase caused your monthly payment to increase from $388.51 to $390.28.”

Has any else noticed a change in LA county?

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By the way LA acts like a country but in reality it’s just another county. Perhaps you should fix your title.


It’s still 9.5% in LA County. Your municipality may have passed a local increase.


In some cities in LA County, such as Glendale and Pasadena, the tax rate now is 10.25 percent.


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9.5% still for me in LA county (Lancaster) when I signed a lease on Sunday

Is there a website I can check?

There are even some unincorporated parts of cities that have different tax rates than if you are in the incorporated parts of the city.

Thanks! This website says I should be at 9.5%. I think Infiniti is screwing me for $1.77/month.

There are a few different sources for sales tax rate data and some are at the county + 5-digit zip code level (not very accurate), some are at the County+9-digit zip code level (more accurate) and then a couple have it geocoded to lat/long coordinates on top of the county+zip9.

Most likely, NMAC is using a zip5 level database for their sales tax rates. A lot of lenders do the same because only a few states (CA one of them) have instances where it goes more granular than county+zip5.

Even if you call customer service and argue your point, their systems are designed to automatically determine the sales tax rate (and any updates) from their sales tax rate database. I would guess that they won’t be able to manually override the rate at the account level but it’s worth a shot.

Luckily you’re not in CO where some cities are in the 4% range and others nearby are over 8%.


Would it make a difference if you leased a car in Ventura county while you live in LA county? They have a lower tax rate than LA county.

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Tax is where u live not where dealer is

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