Kona EV in GA this December is impossible, right?

Hi Everyone,

I’ve only posted once before (thank you for your replies). My wife & I decided to wait for the best leases possible this upcoming November/December/Jan 1st. With that in mind, I’m making a list of cars that would work for us. I’d prefer to have electric with decent range; however, I’ll probably go with whatever works out to be the best overall cost to us & meets our needs.

That said, quick question: would it be impossible (or nearly impossible) to lease a Kona EV in Georgia this Fall/Winter assuming it comes out by then?

More into this: Hyundai is coming out with the Kona EV - supposedly, it’ll have a 250-300 mile range. The Kona itself is already on our list. The Kona EV would be a great fit … but, I’ve heard it is only going to the states that require EV cars (California, etc). … though, then again, I’m sure the monthly cost would probably be higher than I’d want to pay as it would be a 2019, they won’t be motivated to make them move, limited supply, etc.

I just thought I’d ask. I’m continuing to read the posts here about everything and anything. I’m looking forward to hopefully deal hunting with you all this upcoming Q4!

Thank you!

I think it’ll be impossible in GA. They will only be available in CA initially and I think at least 6-12 months before going to the other states that follow CARB emissions, which GA isn’t a part of.

Thanks for the confirmation. I appreciate it.

That was not an official confirmation, just my thinking.