Kia / Us Bank Numbers - How to find them?

I saw on Edmunds that some people were quoted a 24 month term for Kia, despite the moderators saying there are no 24 month programs natively, but dealers are probably using other banks such as Us Bank. Does anyone know how to find the MF and Residual amounts used by Us Bank or alternative banks when leasing with Kia? Particularly interested on the Niro EV.

Thank you.

Do you have a SS of that? Kia has 24 month, but a lot of State Rebates aren’t covered in a 24 month lease

Embarassed to say I don’t know what ‘SS’ stands for. :rofl:

/LASH! lol (And that does NOT mean Lots of Love)

SS is screenshot, show me where it is as ‘Kia Forum’ is pretty broad in Edmunds.

Yikes, Looks like they discontinued the 24 for now.
Wonder why.

And US Bank numbers are hard to find as you have to have a US Bank dealer to give them to you.
And NEVER use US Bank if you intend to turn that car in early or plan to sell it. You will regret it as much as using Ally.

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Its just hard to beat the quotes specially how that example was showing there. I agree on US Bank being difficult though. I leased a Tacoma with them and it was not fun. Hoping someone here has the secret list of numbers from them so I can leverage in negotiations though.

did you ever find the numbers

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