Kia Telluride or Hyundai Palisade


Has any one asked the dealer for pricing ( Buy or Lease ) or eta on these SUV’s on the lot.



Dealers are reluctant to discount the Telluride. I have seen them listed above MSRP in places. If you can find a dealer with a bunch you will have a better chance. The S AWD is the sweet spot and not a bad lease on a brand new model considering the 3 row suv’s are not leasing well generally. .00198 mf and 67% res on a 36/12 with 1200 lease cash. If you can get 2-3K off it makes a good lease all things considered.
The fake leather looks and feels real and the S is well equipped. Just wish it had the power lift gate.


That residual seems totally unrealistic. Any sort of economic slowdown or increase in gas price and they aren’t getting close to 67% in three years. Even without those events, 67% seems unlikely.

That said, if that residual sticks around for a few months these S models could be incredible leases. Once every dealership has a good number on the lot and is willing to to reduce the price by 7%-10% off MSRP. You don’t need a giant discount to get a good looking lease number even with the high MF.


Thanks for the feedback, that’s why I have been waiting to compare both, but I saw on the Kia you have to get the high end model to even get auto window wipers which seems a bit strange, but I was used to my Audi, thus I was going to compare and see how both compare in price and features… You have to have auto left gate on a SUV, why step backwards !!


No clue what the pricing will look like but I saw the Palisade at the LA Auto show and it looks very nice. Of course it should as they were certainly showing the top of the line version.