Kia Stinger Lease Cash

Kia Stinger. Lease cash right out of the gate.

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I guess not terribly surprising since it’s going to be really hard to move people in from other similar cars as a budget car company. I’m going to test drive it and look into it. I’d consider it if it ends up being similar value to the WRX/q50 but at a cheaper price. They’re pretty nice looking and obviously up to date.

They really should have gone Hyundai with the Stinger, or used it to really push the Genesis brand as a halo type car only available at their best dealerships. Trying to get that thing out the door is going to be a nightmare. Your average Kia skeezebag dealer is going to treat it like a Shelby Mustang or a Dodge Demon or something.

I 2nd that, Kia and CDJR dealers are the worst

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Is it just me or does that link not work? For the 2.0 it’s $2999 down and $299/month 3/36k. Wonder how negotiable they will be right off the bat?

Guarantee that these programs won’t mean a thing the first month or so when they are marking up the MSRP on purchase customers like it’s a Civic Type R. Hopefully nobody is dumb enough to fall for that on a Kia. I wonder if the Uber coupon stacks with the lease cash though :wink:

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Its not just you. Something happened to the link when the forum converted it I cant figure it out.