Kia Sorento SX/SXL shows there is 4000/6000 lease cash on SX/SXL Kia Sorento.

EX, EX V6, SX V6, SXL V6
.00121 MF and 58% residual
.00120 MF and 58% residual
.00065 MF and 56% residual
All above have $4000 lease cash
.00078 MF and 53% residual
$6000 lease cash

Needs some detail info about it.

How much off MSRP should I expect before lease cash?

Carjojo mentions something about $7500 lease cash.

$1000 - $1500 back of invoice.

7500 is for 24 months

Are those numbers 36/10 or 36/12? I think it is 36/10 right…

@Benedetto what is invoice on these approx 6%? On a $45k car what should we be gunning for before rebate?

I don’t have an exact value on Kia - they usually just provide it to me over the phone.

When you call two or three stores - you can tell who is lying.


36/12 AWD numbers:
SX - .00081 and 56%. $4000 lease cash
SXL - .00093 and 53%. $6000 lease cash

consider 6%off MSRP before lease cash.
looks like we can get around 370/m before TAX for a MSRP 41000 unit.

Basically exactly the same money as a Hyundai Santa Fe Ultimate or a Nissan Pathfinder platinum.

@Ed_Churchward, do you have any examples of a Pathfinder Platinum for around ~$370? I haven’t seen any that low. Thanks!

@Pollie00 These are the sort of discounts being offered. And this is just Truecar, I am sure one could push harder

Has ANYONE been able to validate, by actually getting the discount applied, that the UBER driver discount can be used on a lease with these? I PERSONALLY got 1K off my 16 Hyundai Genesis lease 7 months ago.

I got about 10% off my 2017 SX V6.
This was my deal I got on 02/25/2017

Where are you based? I take it that is an SX and not and SXL. In SoCal the SX rebate is $4000 and the SXL $6500. You seem to have $6000…

I am located in San Diego. I got the car from Kearny Pearson Kia. I was emailing 6 dealerships around San Diego/Irvine/Downy areas. They gave me the best deal.

I’m just curious about the rebates. Which one’s did you qualify for?

Honestly, I dont remember any more.


Do you remember the MF on this? I know it was a while back but I can’t quite reverse engineer the numbers to figure it out (LH noob so still learning what all the numbers mean).

OP and others,

Do I understand this correctly: The current $6500 incentive on the SXL is similar to what Kinetics has in the “Rebate” field above? For example, OP negotiated discount off of MSRP ($35,950) and then the “Rebate” money was applied on top of that. Would the current incentives show up the same way on a work sheet? I’m trying to shop the SXL (I know the MF and RV would be different than in the example above but still should be a nice measuring stick) in NC and want to be as prepared as possible when I start to send out emails. Thanks!

The current rebate is $6000, if you are lucky the dealer might have a voucher they can apply to add another $500.

Each state has different MF and residual so it is tricky to reverse calculate.

Know this, aim for 10% off before rebates, that should be your target. All the rest will fall into place as long as you are getting the buy rate on the MF, there are no other factors for you to adjust.

Great info, Ed. Thanks for the correction on the incentive. The numbers look interesting with the $8k credit on the 24 month lease as well… I’m getting around and 10.5 in NC with the LH calculator assuming a 9% discount off MSRP and MF and RV values from Edmunds.

Between the 7 dealerships within 100 miles of me in NC, I see about 22 SXLs available so thinking I can maybe hack me up a deal here.

I saw you talking about the car in another thread and I totally agree. If it was badged with any other mid tier logo instead of KIA, they wouldn’t be able to keep them on the lot, considering the price. The tech in them is great, it doesn’t exactly have luxury interior styling but it also doesn’t look like hot garbage. My only beef is that it’s a little nondescript from a visual perspective. But I can deal with that.