Kia Riverdale - exotic car specialist?

I know it has been covered before in similar circumstances, but seriously, look at their used car inventory:

What is happening here?

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What in the ponzi scheme is that?

Money Laundering GIF by funk

Generally speaking, it is easier to establish legitimacy through a manufacture rather than used car lot. I’m guessing since they dont have new Kias to sell they are buying all high end vehicles because those tend to move quicker.


I was looking for a new DD… I went there 3 weeks ago as they had something I was interested in and they are about 30 minutes from me. A lot of stuff. Some stuff looked pretty good and other stuff was definitely lower MMR quality stuff that was def just ran through an auction.

I was looking at a 2018 Porsche Macan Turbo - car was in OK shape for 20K miles. I will say that the sales person and setup there was no BS. They brought the car out and I was in it with the sales person and I didn’t wait around forever, he said let me know if you want it or to make an offer. Followed up with me 2 times and that was it. No spam or nonsense. With the market right now this is how they are making money.

With used car pricing high, I didn’t want to pay and then pay when I wanted to sell it if I was upside down (due to $5K+ in taxes at the prices I was looking at). Wound up getting just under 12% discount on a BMW M440i xDrive Coupe getting lucky with an in stock vehicle nearby.

Kind of brilliant. You go for a Telluride and walk away with an RS6 wagon lol. Perfect situation for an upsell!


It’s an odd one, because historically this hasn’t been totally unheard of with Kia and Mitsubishi dealers. It seems like such a non-logical used product to be chasing for a dealer like that. I would think that most people in the market for an exotic wouldn’t want to have anything to do with a Kia dealer.

Not sure where you live but this is pretty common place in NJ and NY. I can’t say the same for the rest of the country, well actually CA is similar as I have seen some dealers online that always have these types of vehicles and are Mitsubishi, Nissan, etc. This dealership is on a highway near some affluent towns on top of it as well.

I think it also just comes down to dealers needing anything and everything. Doesn’t matter if its 10k or 300k, a car deal is a car deal, some are bigger than others, but a Kia dealership probably does have spare floorplan money when they have super low inventory. Hence the heavy metal. (will admit, not sure I would buy a McLaren from a Kia store.)

How many of these are all cash deals lol

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But who goes to a Kia dealership to buy a lambo? How would you even know to look there?

I guess just search for Lambo online.

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People who are good at DIY, will often grab up the 3rd party dealer cars.
The exotics at those dealers are priced accordingly.