[Kia/Hyundai Leads] Lease Deals in the Seattle Area

For those in the Seattle area, I’ve found that the Kia and Hyundai CarPros dealerships of Tacoma/Renton tend to have the best publicly promoted offers in the area that you could either jump on or use to shop the quote around like I did in the past.

When I was shopping around last summer for a Niro EV the Renton locations customer service was pretty pushy and not that great overall. Much better experience dealing with the Tacoma dealership. Although, neither were willing to budge on price when I had a competing offer but I know a lot has changed with the market so who knows now.

I haven’t looked around too much lately but from what I have seen they do have what seems to be the “lowest” EV9 offer in the area right now(to be clear- just from what I have personally seen in the area).

Overall, there are some decent deals mixed in there so I figured someone might find this useful if they are shopping around right now.

Link: https://www.carproskia.com/

Note: The below offers look to expire 04/01.

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any ad with a low payment in huge font and a paragraph of writing in tiny font should be ignored

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This one is pretty straight forward with details about the lease terms luckily.
Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 3.22.49 PM

Public ads are seldom remotely close to the best you can do on any product whether it’s a vehicle or sunscreen.

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The exact driveoff needed to get the $253 plus tax deal is undefined, thats not helpful

Based on the MSRP/advertised down money, if the car is going to be registered in the Seattle area (King/Snohomish/Pierce counties where RTA tax is applicable), driveoffs will be around $3300-$3500 depending on the zip.

You are guessing, the dealer can make up whatever logic they want to come up with the actual amount needed for the ad payment

I’ve dealt with them numerous times - they are amongst the sleaziest dealers I’ve ever worked with. Assume that nothing is what it seems.


Yeah I could sense that. They worked out as a good starting point for me when I was shopping last summer. They had a very similar Niro EV deal that at the time was way less than anything I could find so I was able to shop their quote around to get a better deal elsewhere.

Absolute sleazeballs - they have a 23 Niro Wave listed with $1500 in mudguards and wheel locks and another $5K in “Market Adjustments” and that’s for a car that’s been on the lot for almost a year.


Is it possible for anyone to find a great deal on cars like the Ioniq 5, ID.4, ARIYA, or EV6 in the Seattle area? I hardly come across any posts showcasing good deals from Washington.

Only 1 data point, but I just signed a 2024 IONIQ 5 SEL deal 24/12k mi in WA before end of March:
MSRP: 52,480
Selling price: 47,480 (-5000 off)
Rebates: 10,000
Cap cost: 40072.19
Residual: 36736 (70%)
MF: 0.00284 (.0004 markup - didn’t contest due to the heavy MSRP discount)
DAS: $400
Monthly: 395 w/ sales tax, 358.7 pre-tax

By no means great due to RTA and the absolute refusal of most (if not all) WA dealers to do or even attempt one pay.

Thanks for sharing. Seems like a decent deal in PNW standard.

Do you get any washington tax exemption benefit?

The best deal I could get down here in Oregon for an ionic 6 SEL AWD was 399 a month plus 2200 DAS for 24/12k. Unfortunately I passed at those prices.

What dealership might I ask? I been looking for something very similar but the few dealerships I talked to the numbers were CRAZY.

Which dealership made this deal? Looking for something similar

It doesn’t seem like it for me since I’m paying lease sales tax. Though RCW 82.08.809(e) mentions sales tax exemptions applies to leases on vehicles which base models have an MSRP <= 42500. FWIW, the 2024 IONIQ 5 SE base trim MSRP is 41,800* based on the Hyundai homepage but the 2024 SE AWD starts at 49,350 so YMMV with that rationale.

PM-ing you the dealer. Every other dealer in a 100mi radius didn’t even come close / immediately gave up when I shared the numbers. In addition, no one I’ve contacted in WA was willing to do one-pay and I heard from the dealer after purchasing it that they apparently tried once and HMF kicked back the lease mentioning incorrect sales tax numbers. It might have something to do with WA tax calculations, because they don’t have any incentive to entertain competitive lease deals vs. what we see in CA / CO deals, or the finance managers in WA don’t have the right one-pay training.