Kia Forte deal (help me understand!)

Hi, I recently got a quote from a broker for Kia Forte GT-Line w/ premium package.
For 24/12k with 2k DAS, I was told $199 + tax. (I was told that 2k includes everything)
I also got the values from Edmunds (.00203 MF, 61% RV, $3,620 lease cash), but as a newb, I’m still not sure how to use the lease calculator (how do I know the selling price? how do I deal with broker fee?). Could anyone possibly do a walkthrough for me?

Was the broker from the forums?

You need to know the MSRP and selling price of the vehicle to get the whole picture. You have the MF and residual to plug into calc.

Yeah he was from here. I was given a sticker w/o package ($20,490 before handling, $21,455 total).
And from the official Kia website, premium package is $1,500

Brokers normally will attach a calculator sometimes to their deals. If it’s from a broker on here, it’s probably a decent deal. Just compare to what else is on market place and search.

What’re you trying to accomplish here, to make the numbers in a calculator match the deal?

most broker pricing here is pretty much bottom of the barrel. Can you beat it? Sure, by hours of hard work, and I feel like you are nowhere close to it.

Calculator is pretty simple, plug in your MSRP, % discount, MF, RV, and rebates with tax %

Pretty much. I want to learn how to calculate when there’s a broker in between.

just ask him/her for the sale price, that should be simple enough

They tell you their broker fee and that’s outside of the deal… it’s not like they’re hiding anything there

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I see. I guess I need to study more to get used to those numbers.

He said it’s all inclusive, so I guess it’s a pretty good one. If it’s included at DAS, do I not have to care about it when I use the calculator?

@oaklee Did you read this?

I read everything under 101 and I’m not sure how to calculate the CAP section.

Did you read the calculator FAQ which isn’t in the leasing 101 section?

Oh shoot. I realized that it’s a different one. Thanks for pointing out! @MaClel Thank you as well!