Kia EV9 GT LINE: Is this a fair lease deal? What to ask for?

NorCal 24mo. lease offer for Kia ev9 GT trim.

The $225 discount is for floor mats listed on window sticker. Nothing down. Money factor is .000132

Before they drafted the lease, I asked for any extra warranties, maintenance, insurance to not be included. The GM told me they had to offer Gap insurance and maintenance insurance to everyone, otherwise it would be discrimination if the customer later said they wanted it. However, I don’t see them listed here as line items. I asked about the $1,522.75 in “Non-tax fees” and was told they were to cover DMV registration of the vehicle … although it was unclear what other things it was for. They said the $85 “Doc fee” was to process the lease.

They said the lease comes with 1,000 kW hrs of charging. Is that standard?

Would love some informed insights. TIA!

Have you check the marketplace & signed for what people can get for this car? Not that familiar with EV9 lease, however $969.39 for 76k msrp seems high.

Search the forum. It should be obvious no one is paying such trivial discounts for these. Or on any car on LH.

It’s pretty meh. (Low discount and Marked up MF)

Talk to @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto and see what he has, he doesn’t charge a fee on Kias

It’s atrocious


Im well under this, dont sign that

Seems like the MF and residuals got worse in July for the EV9 but those were offset by increases in incentives/rebates. Last month, a Wind for 24/10 near me was .00044 and 67% with 7500 (or 9000 for VIN specific) and this month around me, MF is .00095 and 64% but incentives are now $11,200.

MF/RV/Incentives on the ev9 are also regional rather than just incentives, so they may be shifting around who gets the larger cap cost reduction.

Frankly, the main issue here is the lack of discount.

For this deal, yeah, the discount is weak compared to what others here have gotten.

Was just pointing out that, at least around me, it seems while residual and MF got worse, the incentives got better. Which now that I see he’s in CA, means very little. LOL.

Thank you everyone. Should I be concerned about the $1,522.75 in “Non-tax fees”?

How much more of a discount should I ask for? I’m in the Bay Area. It’s electric vehicle central here.

Non tax is probably registration and acquisition.

This needs another $5-7k off

Stop looking around the bay. Dealers don’t negotiate and you’re just wasting your time looking for a deal that most likely doesn’t exist around here. You’ll save a lot more buying in SoCal and driving it up.

Or I can ship it from Socal

So, let me know if I’ve got this right. I ask for 5%-10% off the MSRP of $76,315, so roughly a discount of $3,800 to $7,600
up from the $225 discount they already gave me for the floor mat charge. Am I understanding correctly?


I wouldn’t trust this guy to watch my ham sandwich while I went to the restroom.


Good thing I don’t eat ham.

Still interested in responses to my latest post ….

You offer a number. Not a range.

And that number should be offered as

  1. X das and Y monthly.


  1. The 6-8 main line items starting with MSRP, Selling Price, RV, MF, etc.

We leased an EV9 Land about three weeks ago, with a MSRP of just over $74,000.

24/10 lease term.

$500.22 per month, including all taxes, registration, and fees.

You’re at $969 not including tax (thus you’re over $1,000 per month with taxes), meaning you would be paying more than double what we’re paying.

1,000 kW hrs of charging is included with all EV9s at no additional cost.

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What area of the country did you secure this lease. It is a very good deal, and others should try to replicate it. It seems these EV9s are becoming popular, but lease prices seem to be all over the map. The OP was presented with a terrible deal, but fortunately was smart enough to ask here before signing. Takeaway, if you don’t know how to or feel comfortable negotiating, hire a broker. It will save you a significant amount versus just taking what a dealer offers.

NYC dealership.