Kia ev6 gt 2023 il

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This is what I was offered this morning. I don’t like it but so far they are not budging.
MSRP : 59,900
Selling Price : 57500
Rebate : 9200
MF : 0.0003
Res: 53%
Payment : 548 with 0 down or 462 with 3k down.
I have seen better deals out there for 23 but it’s now slim Pickens to find a 23 GT so any suggestions ?

Stop asking dealers how much they want you to pay.

Work out your #s and tell them what you want to pay

This is for a 2024.

That looks like another offer sheet.

Did you read and follow any of the previous comments?

Have you considered not asking a dealer how much they want you to pay?

I am uploading the offers i receive. I am not asking them. I am not sure where I said that I am asking them for what they can offer me… This is the offers they send me. With $3000 das it is the closest I got. I tried to use the calculator and go backward but its not coming up correctly.

That is the exact issue. You asked for suggestions and people gave you advice, but you just ignored it.

Okay maybe I was not clear enough.
Again I did NOT ask for what can the dealer so. I sent what I need and the last thing I uploaded was the closest I received. Based on the deals that I have seen signed on here and since this is not California nor do I have 5k to put down it seems as it is the best I can get. I am asking the experts here if there is anything else that can be negotiated down.

Can you clarify what it is you said to them?

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I said that car selling price should be $50,500, DAS $1000 max, and my lease is 24/ 12 and payment should be $400.00

For what msrp?

If you asked for that on your first offer, an additional $7000 off should have made their $548 number significantly lower than $400/mo

That is what I asked for but it is not what I received as I have mentioned.

My point is that the numbers dont seem to add up. Your discount and your monthly dont seem to jive.

Post the calc for your target deal youre offering.

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Don’t ask for anything. You’re inviting them to control the deal. Do the research (sell price for your market, MF, Residual factor, fees including acq and doc fees, etc… check Edmunds for MF buy rate, residual, rebates/incentives). Learn how to do lease calculations… forget online calculators… they won’t teach you a thing about leasing. Next, create a flawless professional-looking lease proposal (sample below). Email it to the dealer and negotiate via email/phone.

Take charge!