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I’ve seen some posts here about custom orders on luxury brands, but I just saw that my local Kia dealer is allowing custom orders now.

I was wondering about going all out and trying to get a K5 GT instead of just the GT line. If they’re charging a market adjustment on all of the cars they have available right now ($5k on the K5), should I expect the same added charge on a custom order?

They’re closed today so I can’t call and ask, but wondering what the general experience is and if it’s even worth my time to check with them.

Edit to add: the closest GT I’ve seen listed is over 600 miles away. Little more than I’m willing to travel right now.

The whole point of an order in this market is to avoid a markup by finding a dealer who doesn’t charge one.

Some orders are truly custom with a full-length waiting period, but sometimes dealers can find an incoming unit that matches your specs or is close enough if you say so.

If you’d tagged this thread correctly with the state you live in, someone could have recommended a Kia dealer that doesn’t charge markups for orders.

Changed the tags. Originally posted from my phone and couldn’t find the right ones.

My understanding is that Kia does not support custom orders.

Kia’s version of custom ordering is just the dealer searching for an allocation that meets your build since all the cars are built in pre determined packages.

I’ve seen the following Kia dealers mentioned in the Telluride forums for no markups on orders (customary doc fee applies: $389 in PA; $499 in MD):

Abeloff, Sussman and Murray Kia in PA
Nutley in NJ
The one in Cumberland MD and possibly Bob Bell

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Thanks, I’ll look into them and see what I can find.

No, that’s not true, at least not for Tellurides.

Granted, options cannot be ordered truly a la carte; eg if you want Nappa leather you’ll have to order the SX Prestige package.

This is exactly what I mean. You can’t actually custom order individual options for your car like you can BMW.

You can only request a certain color and package combination that’s already been prebuilt.

I ran into this issue when leasing my Stinger. Found out about it on the Kia forums. Salesmen on the forums were stating they couldn’t place orders, only request an allocation of a prebuilt car and hopefully one that matches exists.

I tried the “Order a vehicle now link” on one of the sites, and it took me to a pretty generic contact form where you just select the vehicle from a drop down (not even specific trim) and then a block for comments.

I haven’t heard anything back yet.

Maybe Kia was different then or that was for the Stinger or maybe proper orders are just for Tellurides … for whatever reason you can do proper orders on Tellurides if not other Kias, and not just claim a prebuilt car.

Found a winner, not for an actual order, but the first place to be upfront about prices and what’s coming in.

This was the response from Murray Kia:
" Below is our current available in-stock or in-transit 2022 K5 inventory. We sell at MSRP with no mark-up or added fees etc. MSRP plus tax, tags, reg and $394 doc fee. DO NOT OVERPAY ELSEWHERE, NO REASON TO WASTE YOUR MONEY! Other local dealers are adding warranty’s, adjusted market pricing and other assorted fees to raise the price on you. DO NOT PAY! Buy here without the nonsense!"

Then they listed about 10 vehicles that are on the way and not claimed yet.

Now the only problem is that my current lease ends 3 days before the earliest one is due to come in.

3 days seems easy to deal with… get a rental car?

That’s an option, I also have a co-worker I might be able to drive with. That first one due in is my 2nd choice of color (white), it would be another 30 days after that for a different color (gray). I love the look of the white, but it’s such a pain to keep clean.

Extend lease by 1 month if possible, otherwise take the white.

Correct. I am a Kia Dealer. You can order from the factory for a customer. the vehicle invoice will have the customers name on it and all of the options will be on the window sticker. We can only order what is posted on the Kia Website though

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