Kia catching fire (get your recalls done)

Just a shoutout to those who have not yet done recalls, get them done. Read this in the news today.

Also, if you have Nissan:

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They actually catch on fire due to a recall that was done previously (engine replacement). Talk about catch 22.

I read it in the news, shared it.

Whoa man, relax. I was just trying to inform the public like you were. I only saw that article in the last week or so man. I know it’s from September, but it came up in research for other recalls I was doing for a friend.

I did not mean to offend. I sincerely apologize.

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He’s very passionate when it comes to Nissan.

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No worries! Problem is for Nissan it is just hypothetical (maybe only few cases occured). Here it is happening all over the places. Many models are actually catching fire, and this is serious. Just wanted people to know, thats it :wink: Sorry if I overreacted.

Most recalls I’ve seen performed are just “hypothetical.” I had a 2015 Mustang that got recalled due to fire risk because of a faulty heat shield on the exhaust system, but I don’t think there were actually any combustion cases.

It’s always better to err on the side of caution and safety. Recalls don’t always get it right, specifically the VW diesel cars that were recalled and “fixed” for emissions cheating and the fix was ineffective and had to be recalled again. Talk about a boon-doggle.

At least Kia is hard at work creating a new useless UVO app. Take that, Nissan.

I love how you are always referring to one thing :slight_smile:

And me always thinking that was a standard feature on these cars ,