Kevin Hart suing shop for no airbags in his ‘cuda?

Seriously, chop shops now have to install airbags in their restomods?


See the pics of the accident scene, straight section of road and the skid marks go right off the road. Regardless though, nothing is ever anybody’s fault, just blame someone else and sue them.

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People like suing a lot but it doesn’t mean there will be big judgements, even in California.

The driver was almost certainly negligent in his operation of the car - how else do you drive into a ditch on a straight, dry road. Hart likely has limited liability as owner of the car. The shop followed the law, they probably are fine. Would be a real stretch to allow this case past summary judgement especially if California changes the law afterwards which would be an acknowledgement that what the shop didn’t was illegal at the time.

Now, I think the fact this car doesn’t have a normal seatbelt is insane and shouldn’t be legal. This isn’t a car that Hart was trying to keep authentic or use only period appropriate parts. They put a whole different engine into it and looks like new wheels too At that point seatbelts aren’t going to cause value to go way down. It’s not original or pretending to be authentic.

That article doesn’t say that Kevin Hart is suing the shop, it says that everyone got lawyers and that everyone might sue everyone.

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So it’s a TMZ article. Got it :+1:

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Pretty much…

“Sources that might have had lunch with Kevin Hart’s neighbor might have said that they think he heard there was a lawyer that lived down the street that said that someone might sue the gas station next to the car company.”


To their credit, at lease they do original stories and perform journalism. 99% of news articles seem to be rephrased AP or Reuters releases with some opinion and conjecture thrown in.


He has to in order to avoid as much liability himself as possible.

“The big issue … we’re told the company that customized the car could be looking at a lawsuit. The argument goes like this … the company is the expert and even if Kevin wanted a custom job without safety harnesses, the company should have refused the job because it wasn’t safe … especially with a powerful, 720 horsepower engine.”

The company should have refused the job??

:grinning::grinning::grinning: what a joke

Kevin trying to get that Tracy Morgan Money #walmartmoney

No smart business owner would do anything that may expose themselves for liability without covering their behind. It’s just dumb in a litigious society like US. If the customer wants to drive a 720 hp car with no airbags without buckling up, he should cut the damn things off himself.

To safely run harnesses, one should really be running a properly integrated cage and wearing a helmet and hans device. Just throwing harnesses into a car is not a safety improvement. Of course, it’s not nearly as dramatic or litigious sounding for TMZ to say that.

Kevin Hart should get a clue - not everyone likes his movies , perhaps including the mechanic who worked on his car …

Does anyone honestly believe that throwing an airbag into a car never designed for one is even a possibility?

And even if one were to install the ECU, accelerometers, etc why do you think the airbag would offer any improvement in safety? IMO it’s far more likely that an airbag Hotwired into a car would do more harm than good.

Read up on airbag history in the early 90’s. It’s arguable that they killed more people than they saved.

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From the look of those skid marks, traction control would have been a better add-on than air bags. And no, I do not have a clue if you could add traction control to a 1970 vehicle.

Lost focus after this line and stopped reading.

I don’t think any of you have ever dealt with restorations or resto-mods, you can’t add traction control, you can’t add air bags, you can’t add safety equipment that relies around technology, a roll cage is a pain in the @ss to get in and get out of and effectively makes your backseat useless.

Thing is most shop owners don’t expect the owner/driver of the car to be an idiot the majority are just show cars or drag monster by people who know how to handle these cars.

Classic cars tend to kill/paralyze those inside but often do extremely well in the damager area, contrary to cars nowadays with crush zones, crumple zones, impact eating areas such as the bumper, fenders, etc. etc. that look destroyed after a small collision but everybody walks out with minor cuts and scratches.

As a car guy I love classic muscle cars but at the end of the day they cost too much money to upkeep as things typically break when you start modding from engine/tranny combos that are not stock to drivetrain, ecu, etc. etc. plus you miss the safety features of modern cars.

Oh and suing for the stupidest reason that has no merit is still alive and well, wonder why places put hot on coffee sleeves? McDonalds knows why.

Who is Kevin Hart?

his comedy is similar to the guys outfit in your profile pic.

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