Keeping Insurance on Lease Returned Vehicle, Possible?

Long Story Short, Mom’s lease is due for Return soon. She is heading to FL for the Winter, and instead of leasing something right away, she would rather Rent for the winter and lease again when she heads back North in the Spring. For the benefit of not having a lapse in her Auto Insurance and also the Rental Insurance benefit. Can she just keep the Policy open on that Returned Vehicle for 4 months or so? Any suggestions either way on this?

Buy a non-owners policy.


Agree with @Gearhead…a non owners policy is the way to go. Through Geico it’s about $225 for 6 months. Obv it may differ depending on limits, and a variety of other variables.

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Many credit cards will cover rentals

Agree with @Gearhead: call her insurance and ask for a NOP

Fantastic all, this is the info I was looking for. Have never heard of a NOP, so will definitely call our agent, and look into it. Most Credit Cards unfortunately will not cover the Rental if it is over 30 days. I wrapped a Rental around a pole a few years ago and was told “Tough Luck” because it was a long term rental, luckily our hometown auto agent said “No Worries, we got you”. One less Ford Escape in the world… I started to look into a New higher trim Rav4 or Venza lease for her, but with the market the way it is, the $1200 shipping it each way to Florida from Minnesota ($2400 total), and the $450-600 a month in payment and insurance savings, the Math just doesn’t make sense from what I can tell, unless I am missing something. $4800 total cost to ship her lease down for the 4 months, or $3800-$4000 for a low end Jeep Patriot or Kia Sportage for the 4 months. And much less hassle…

Credit cards do not cover liability. Even Amex Premium Car Rental Insurance does not cover liability.

If your mom has an accident, expect your current insurance company to refund you the Premium, say Fraud, and pay nothing.
Get the NOP

State farm will suspend your insurance for up to six months (i.e. you don’t pay for it). We did that on a car we sold to Carvana, they reactivated the same insurance when we leased the next car four months later. That way you don’t have a gap, and don’t have to pay for it. Call and tell them you sold and suspend while looking for a new vehicle.

@josh may help?

Sixt now offers monthly rentals thru Sixt+ might be a good option for long term rentals from $499 a month

Yes, a named non owners policy will be needed here to maintain continuous coverage. Ask the company she’s with now if they can convert it or accommodate. If not you can reach out to me if you’re in one of the states I’m licensed in.

I just returned my lease today and since working from home and no return to office date, no need for vehicle replacement. Converted my Geico policy to a named non auto. $260 for 6 months. That will keep me in good standings with them and gives me plenty time to decide if I need another vehicle.

Well, Contacted her insurance, as well as a number of other agencies. Apparently an “NOP” Policy won’t cover a Rental. Well, it will cover Liability but not Collision. So back to square one. The Car Rental company rates for the Collision Insurance is around $26 a day, that adds up quick. Florida Drivers are insane, so can’t be without it. I think we are back to getting her into another Lease, and shipping it down or buying her an older Cheap Lincoln Town Car or similar when she gets down there.