KBB Instant Cash Offer - Worth a try!

I just sold my Tacoma and started by getting quotes from all of the nationwide buyers mentioned in the forums here. The KBB instant cash offer ended up working out great. They send your info to two local dealers. One was a mile from my house. Took it there, and after they looked at it, the offer actually went UP! I got about 2k more than the best offers from the national buyers like GMTV etc… Worth a shot for anyone selling right now.


I expected this to happen

Some of those buyers start off small but will definitely negotiate with you. Great that you got the best offer. For others, I’d recommend going back home to think about the offer and see if anyone can beat it.

With GMTV, they upped the offer on my first call with them by 4k and I felt that was good enough, so I accepted it. Two days later, someone else with the same exact car as mine with another 4k miles on it sold it for 1.5k more, lol.

Lesson learned - there can always be more $ on the table :smiley:

GMTV initially gave the worst offer, then a real person did increase it to be inline with the initial KBB numbers, but said that was their best offer. I’m glad it worked out with the local dealer was very convenient…

I was surprised to see they only marked it up $1300 from what they paid me to what they are selling for. Seems like there will be little left after commission etc…

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a 100%

Finance kickbacks from banks & warranty products can definitely help their back end gross $

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Great point on the finance and warranty end, maybe they will even require it of a buyer to honor that price…

Did a KBB instant offer through a dealers own website. Dealer didn’t offer it LOL

My 2022 hyundai palisade is not eligible for VIN lookup for instant cash offer. Maybe all models of 2022? Is that a bug on KBB website?