JUST UPDATED: 2018 BMW 740i with 15% off MSRP

Low Mileage Lease Special on a brand new 2018 BMW 740i

Click here for link to car

MSRP: $91,115.00
Selling Price: $77,055.75
Rebates: Nada

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 7,500

MF: .00152
Residual: 56%

Total Due At Signing: $5,000
Monthly Payment: $854 plus tax

Security Deposit Accepted?: Nope

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What’s the RV and payment for 15k miles and how many miles on it currently?

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It drops to 52% residual value and the payment goes up to $964 plus tax. This is a brand new 2018 so it only has a few miles on it. It is not, I repeat, not a demo.

What is in the 5k at signing?

$2,188.01 Cap Reduction
$80.00 Doc fee
$925.00 Acquisition fee
$623.00 DMV
$247.46 Upfront tax
$936.53 First payment (assuming 7.75% tax rate)