Just signed, 2020 New GLC 300 4 MATIC

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2020 Mercedes GLC 300 4 matic with AMG night package
MSRP: $ 53435
Selling price : 46990.98
Total savings : 6444.02
Rebate : 644 (I think first month payment waiver)
Monthly Payment: $ 559
Drive-Off Amount: $ 3500 (DAS : tax, all fees)
Months: 36 Months
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: n/a
Residual: n/a
Incentives: noted above
Region: New York
Leasehackr Score: n/a
Leasehackr Calculator Link: n/a

just signed 2020 glc with AMG night pack.
I’ve been searching for 4 dealerships and found this dealership has the best price for me

Could you please leave any thoughts on this offer?
Thank you

ps. I did not get a chance to have more detailed infor such as MF, Residual, and etc… left “n/a”

Once you’ve signed, just enjoy the car


No good comes from asking after you’ve already signed