Just signed 2018 BMW 330e MSRP 53,170 24 months 10k miles 2,250 DAS Monthly payment $177.47

Just closed this deal in Bay Area after going back and forth with every dealer in the area.

2018 BMW 330e iPerformance

**MSRP: $53,170
**Selling Price: $42,930
**Monthly Payment: $177.47
**Cash Due at Signing: $2250 + $1400(refundable MSDs)
Unfortunately I didn’t have Loyalty or OL code. Those are $1000 each.

Will get $800 PGE rebate
Total lease cost = $5709
Could have been $3709 with Loyalty and OL code.

**Annual Mileage:10,000
**MF: 0.00232

0.00177 base
Plus 0.0004 Dealer markup
Plus 0.0005 to waive the acquisition fees
Minus 0.00035 MSD

**Residual: 67%

**Region:Bay Area


Great deal! OL code would have been 500, unlikely the dealer gives you their half with such a great discount. Loyalty would have been nice of course, but you can get it on your next lease. Is this a new car or demo/loaner?

MF markup is fine in this case, you got a great deal, all that matters.

Do you mind private messaging me the dealer info/contact?

Nice deal… was it new? If so, don’t forget about the $500 rebate (net $370 with membership dees) for BMW CCA.

No CCA on this one, being a loaner.

I love these west coast extra utility/state rebates (the extra $800 mentioned above)! Some of these can be big time deal affecting. Here in FL, we are relieved of having to even THINK about getting such extra kickers :slight_smile:

That said, we also don’t have multiple tier / consumption based power costs either. So, when we are blasting our house AC mid afternoon its not costing $0.35-0.40 per kWh…its about $0.13 all the time. That said, we also don’t get the <$0.05 per kWh EV charging breaks.

It’s not all that bad as people think especially if you’re a home owner. Here in CA, you can sell electricity back to the grid. Pre solar, my electricity bill was about $1000/month because of the Pool, sauna and charging 2 Tesla’s. Post solar(spent $25k) it’s $0 charging 3 EV at home. That’s because during the day you are selling back at $.48/kwHr and at night consuming at 0.13/kWHr when charging your car’s, using AC(on the few days of the year you even need to, etc.)

So 2 yr break even point and then you reap the benefits of free electricity rest of the life you own the home.


Same deal here Masi! I have the max size solar PV system my utility will allow and Im selling back (net metering) all the time. Its a great arrangement (for the consumer…not the utility) :slight_smile:

why do cash at signing?

nice discount on sale price, where it should be.

drive in good health!

Great Deal! Was this a loaner? Do you mind me asking how you managed to get almost 20% off MSRP?


Anyway you can post the calculator with this?

Yeah this…no way this can be on a new non loaner…

I am based in California… can they duplicate the deal? PM me

I am leasing 7 cars right now and so keeping monthly down is key to get approved on the next one. :slight_smile:

On a non loaner, best I negotiated was with the East Bay BMW. They were at 19% off. Happy to refer if you’re looking for a silver one.

MSRP 55675. Selling price 45150 on a Brand New Silver one. 6500 incentive + 1000 loyalty(if you have one) + 500 OL code(if you have one). PM me and I’d be happy to refer.

April is the last month they can lease them. Other dealers in Bay Area wanted to do 13-15% off at best. Only ones to play ball were EastBay BMW and BMW SF.

how did you do this on a new one in norcal? wow.

also i gotta know what you’re doing with 7 cars? :slight_smile:

different car for everyday of the week, Obviously!

I’m in LA are you close? And have the same deal?

Hello I’m the unicorn certifier.


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