Just leased qx60


Leased qx60
Lux, AWD,49000 msrp
353 per month plus 1500 for tax/ bank fees/ doc fees.
1200 for MSD
12000 miles
39 months.

Good price.

also just leased a new 2019 QX60 FWD Luxe with Essentials and Cargo Protection Package

50,555 MSRP
40,821 Purchase Price - (includes 2000 conquest rebate)
39 mo/10k per year
4 MSDs = 1600
.00001 money factor after MSDs
$129 doc fee inluded
351/month with zero down, its actually $360 for 38 months and zero first payment
$525 disposition fee if walk away at end

Central Arkansas Infiniti - Little Rock AR - they were easy to deal with

Hello, priyank_khandelwal,

Would you be able to PM the dealer info to me? Thank you.

Hi. I’m interested this deal.
Can you please send me the lease/dealer details?
Thank you.