Just leased a 550i, how did I do?

MSRP: 77870
Sales Price: 62121
20% off MSRP
Cap cost reduction: $0
Acquisition Fee: $925 paid upfront
Miles/yr: 10k
Residual: $53,730.30 (69%) $884 Adjusted Residual: $52,846.30 (67.8647) Residual (%) at 10,000 miles/yr
Months: 24
MF: 0.00154 (marked up I know, but they wouldn’t budge, instead they discounted the car more)
MSD: 7
MF after MSD: 0.000105
Document Fee: 80
License/Registration Fee: 560 (I believe, or very close to that, will correct if I’m wrong later when I look at my lease paperwork tomorrow)
Sales Tax: 8%
Monthly Payment (w/tax) $545 even
Drive Off: $6050 (around) (msds, and acq fee, and drive off fees, no cap cost redux)

I know I could of held out and tried to get another 1-2k off but tbh, I searched every dealership in Southern California for an ex exec/loaner that was equipped like this and came up with NADA (I was specifically looking for the luxury line and luxury seating package). Considering it only had 4K miles and it had everything I wanted and then some, I wasn’t gonna let it slip through my fingers. I think I did pretty decent for a $78k car. What do you think?

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that’s a substantial discount.

Otherwise thats a really good payment for a 24 mo lease. I personally would have taken the 36 mo lease and lock myself into a car like this at that payment for an extra year and probably an even cheaper payment especially the way BMW is going with taking away some free maintenance etc (i assume your car is still a 2016 which still have the full maintenance) but other than that good job.

IMO anyone who has signed the dotted lines and driven the car off the lot should just look ahead to enjoying the car for the next X months, and not second-guess themselves. Questions should be asked before signing, not after.

For you specifically I would reiterate the idea of just enjoying the car from this day forward. It’s very easy for everyone on the internet to second guess each other, but only you can know how competitive your local market is, what the inventory is like, how rare certain must-have features can be, etc. etc. Particularly when you’re looking for something uncommon, the regret of letting it slip through your fingers might be worse.


wise words from @max_g

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I agree with everything until you said regretting letting it slip through your fingers. These are mass produced cars with a mass dealer presence in the U.S. If you lose one car there will be 10 just like it around the corner - it’s not 1 of 499 LaFerraris or 1 of 106 McLaren F1 cars…that will be regretful if you let it slip away.

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OP stated he searched all BMW dealers across SoCal (that’s a lot!) and couldn’t find another with the set of options he wanted

It’s not just asking how I did, it’s also mentioning this deal to other people to let them know it’s possible… ok if you don’t agree with me about finding one, why don’t you try and find some in the Los Angles/San Deigo area? I myself had a very hard time finding a demo/loaner/ex exec car equipped like this, keep in mind most 550is are equipped with the M sport package which I was NOT wanting at all.

It’s also a learning experience, and things to keep in mind incase I missed anything. I am very happy with the deal the dealership made me, if anyone wants to know what dealership please PM me.

Oh you are right 305hackr, the 36/mo payment was about $10 cheaper if I remember correctly. But personally I prefer a 24/mo lease, but hey to each their own.


I think its a great deal, especially since you love the car. 30 bucks less a month is not a deal breaker when it comes to these type of cars. Enjoy your ride.


I certainly appreciate knowing what kind of deals people have been getting. Congratulations, $78k car for $545 (w/tax) sounds great to me. 4k miles is nothing and it’s a 550!

By the way, doing some rough math, I believe the 36 months would have been more expensive. With your 20% discount, you’re paying 11% of the car (from 80% to the 69% residual) in 24 months, roughly 5.5% per year. The extra year would represent 6% (current residual is 63%), and a loan for a longer period of time.
Still, as other people have mentioned, BMW is changing their maintenance program, so in 2 years time you may not find a deal as good as this one, so keeping that extra year may have not been that bad.

Anyway, in my opinion, super deal, congrats!

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Good numbers all around for the discount, residual and MF so the final payment reflects that - congrats and enjoy your nice new car!

i think @willwar14 did exactly the right thing. He knew his market, he knew he couldn’t find another one with his desired equipment and he got a deal he was happy with even though there might have been a few more dollars to squeeze out but they’re negligible in the big picture, especially when you get exactly the car you want and you’ve exhausted all nearby options. A lot of people on this forum don’t care about exact color/options as long as they squeezed out every cent from a deal but to each their own.


This is perfect and text book case of how to get a good deal
a) Great discount off MSRP - check
b) Using MSD and knowing MF - check
c) Putting no money down - check
d) less than 1% of MSRP - check check check

Bravo - any cheaper and you would be stealing it.

Only way anybody would have squeezed any more out of this juicy orange was to use loyalty, USAA, UDE or similar rebate.

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@vhooloo what’s UDE?

It’s another rebate, based on the “Ultimate Drive Event.” People who signed up and attended were eligible for a $1k rebate from BMWFS

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New vhooloo rule of thumb. You know you have a good deal for a Bimmer if the hundred digit of your payment is at or less than the first digit of your bmw series.

Eg if 3xx series, payment should be 3xx or less. A great deal is 2xxx
If 5xx series, payment should be 5xx or less. A great deal is 4xx or less.

If the first digit of your payment is more than 2 digits above the series, you paid too much ie if your payment for 7 series is 9xx then it is criminal.

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Nice job – this actually kind of works, sorry max

Find me a 7 series for $6XX payment please!

@vhooloo love this scientific approach hehe

I am fairly certain there was no official BMW UDE this year, dealers may have advertised as such but it was coming out of their pocket not BMWFS.

We can use the @vhooloo BMW method or pay $39 for this? http://www.fightingchance.com/ – what is this about anyway, just saw this on another post. Is this real?