Just got a 2016 new 328i offer

just got a new offer…new bmw 328i

MSRP : 48,220.00

Residual:30,378 ( 63% )

36months/ 10k miles per year

sale price : 40,000

DMV fees: 150.00
Doc fee: 135.00
Acq Fee : 925.00
tax on fees: 83.25

security deposit:$2,800

first payment :356.52

cash on delievery : 4,449.77

base Pmnt:327.08
Sales Tax:29.44

Total Pmnt:356.52

what do you guys think

Here in TX, Dealers are offering $7000-$10000 off MSRP for 2016 328i.
Plus BMW is giving $1500 lease incentive. There are a few other ways to get the cap cost down: USAA, BMW CCA, recent graduate, loyalty. You’ve got the mf as low as you can go.
That’s pretty close to what I’m shooting for, but I’m waiting until Saturday to make my best deal. I’m shooting for $300 without MSD, but have tax on entire sale price and looking at MSRP around $43,500.

I think, you should go in Saturday afternoon, 12/31, and say “you can do better”.

How many threads do you need to start?

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Curious from other hackers here… the doc fee, acquisition fee and tax on fees(???) are excessive. The document fee is someone typing up a form… that someone is a 40k/yr admin. It costs the dealer maybe $20 to have someone do this.

Acquisition fee? Please. That’s built into the monthly price, plus whatever turn in fee is owed at lease completion. Actually, the lease turn in fee does make sense. They have to put some money into the car to get it ready to be sold.

And the tax on fees??? LOL!

If a dealer tried the tax on fees nonsense, I’d tell them to pound sand.

I’m assuming the DMV fee means the registration fee with the DMV. If it’s a fee the dealer charges on top of registration costs, I’d refuse that as well.

Either that or I’d invoice them for my time at $100/hr.

And dealers wonder why buyers view with with as much trust as a meth addict.

The doc fee is actually lower than most states are, 135 isn’t terrible. I definitely agree that it doesn’t cost the dealership that much to produce it, but the ones in florida are around 700.

The acquisition fee (at least from BMW NA) isn’t negotiable. The 925 goes right to bmw, and that has nothing to do with that dealership. Once again, I agree it is a lot, but thats just part of leasing a car.

So most of the fees are excessive, and they rarely remove them, but you can attempt to lower the sell price to make up for it.

jakhfue is correct. I would just add that whatever is taxable is up to the state, not the dealer.

Then you must tell your cable provider and cell phone provider to pound sand since they do the same thing - they advertise 99.99 bundles, then add fees, then add taxes…