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So the dealer I bought my wife’s '16 Pilot from just e-mails me an “Upgrade Special” for being such a special customer. Now that we are 6 months away from Warranty expiration, they offer me for to take my car, in which I will have paid by then $22,700 (including the car I traded in), and for “only” $26 more a month, get me on the same exact vehicle (now a 2018) with the possibility (here is the kicker) of zero money down! They take a car in which I have plenty of equity and allow me the no money down, to start paying all over again on the new vehicle, although this time is 72 months, not the 60 I am currently on. And the saddest part is that out there, there will be a one or more than that, poor bastard that will go for it, and possibly get to vote, and to drive on the streets, and to procreate…

I’m guessing it is some sort of form letter/mass marketing. I wouldn’t take it personally.

Lots of mass marketing out there of this sort… they run your car through a patented algorithm to see who has equity and what sort of deal can be configured based on several factors. Nothing is done by hand anymore, when computers are cheaper. As @brycal said I wouldn’t take it personally, but funny to think someone might actually bite on that exact offer.

This is offensive to you?

Delete it and move on. No need to even worry about it. Personally, I’d laugh.


Don’t take offense, it is intended to drive business to the dealer. They need to stay relevant in peoples minds somehow and for some people that concentrate on only the monthly payment it works. Offensive would be them telling you to stick your car somewhere it doesn’t belong. All you need to do is unsubscribe, which is located at the bottom of the email and move on.

I understand is mass marketing but that “mass” you are sending it too have done business with you at some point, they are or have been customers, that you want to return, repeat. This only shows they have no filters, and they don’t care as long as they can screw somebody in the attempt. Totally inconsistent with their “building relationships”, “your family is our family” and the “Good deed Honda guys” B.S.
It only confirms car dealers are the lowest scum, yes, not all of them, only 99%.

Car guys are not your friends…period. It’s a business transaction, and nothing more. They are trying to wrestle as much profit out of you as you are trying to wrestle as much discount out of them. It’s a 2 way street, and you can’t get offended or upset.

All good guys, just a rant, thanks for listening.

I got the same type offer on my Odyssey when it hit the 2 year mark, it’s just automated marketing to get you thinking about an upgrade

My lease has a effective payment of $65, and a letter in the mail from a competing brand claim I can “Stop overpaying for my current car”. Burn it and move on!

Don’t check you mail box, this same dealer might mail you something, could send you over the edge.

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I got an email from the same dealer I negotiated from advertising lower rates.

Works on one of my uncles. The whole “newer car for the same payment” thing. I don’t even ask the details because I would probably face palm too much.

Sometimes he even gets the same color and no one notices it’s a “new” car. Hence the need to tell everyone

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Another common tactic is the “we need your used car” letter. Dealer tells you they desperately need cars like yours for their lot. They promise to day over KBB for it and quote a number that looks really high. The fine print notes they are basing their estimate on your 5 year old car having only 15,000 miles on it. If you actually show up their trade-in price plummets when they punch in the actual milage. They are hoping before that happens you will have fallen in love with the new car and they can convince you “it is just a few more dollars a month”.

I’m sure they do these things because like @max_g 's uncle it works on enough people to make it cost effective. They are really a spray and pray strategy though. We still get letters offering to buy the Honda Accord we sold over a year ago.

And then the “your warranty has expired” spam which tries to sound like it’s offering an OEM extended warranty

I was just about to type that…I still get calls and snail mail on my expiring warranty on a car I leased 3 cars ago.

Just got email again to trade my 16 Forester (financed with tons of equity) for an 18 for $2 less! :smirk:

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