June 2021- SF BAY AREA Subaru Lease Deals

Spreadsheet for available lease deals and units:

Please read these Additional Details & Disclaimers:

Payments are based on a single example unit from inventory which may or may not be in stock.
For each model/trim, I may have other similar units available with different port-installed accessories that will deviate from the example price.
All units in inventory are subject to availability.

Other local dealerships report me to corporate if I’m too transparent so PMing, Texting, or E-Mailing is the key to transparency & clarity (MSRP, Sale Price, RV, MF, Incentives).
Purchase options are available as well.

Payments are for a 36 month lease, 10,000 mi/yr
Payments above do not include tax.
Payments are rounded up to the dollar.
Payments WILL vary based on City/Zip code. Please contact me so I can calculate your exact cost based on your City/zip code’s fees.
Must Qualify at Tier 1 with Subaru Motors Finance (SMF) to be eligible for these deals.
Sales beyond 200 Miles of Zip Code 94010 (Burlingame) add $500 to Drive-Off.

These deals can be modified or canceled at any time, otherwise they are valid until 06/30/2021.


Hi. Do you have Crossteks hybrid?

I wish I could get that Forester Sport price down here in Socal!

New May Lease Deals have been posted on spreadsheet.

Should this be updated to new date or is the sheets still showing prices from previous month ?

Thanks for the heads up I changed it!


Contact me for cars not listed on the spreadsheet.

$2000 drive-off now required for all leases.

I saw our sales forecast and incoming inventory through August. Without revealing what I’m not allow to reveal, all I can say is if you’re looking for a new car, just get it now.

Looking to lease a WRX STI. I’m located in SoCal.

Only reason why a dealer would require a 2k driveoff is so that they can bump the numbers and make it palpable to some suckers.

Lol! There goes this deal. $2k REQUIRED? Why? Would love to see the breakdown of that. Hard pass with a requirement like that. Many other dealers willing to play ball the right way.

Yes, went from $1k drive off to $2k drive off.

Basically increased the selling price of the car by $1k without having to re-run lease payments. Those payments would’ve still been well below MSRP. Many other deals want $1000 off MSRP to $2000 over MSRP.