June 2017 Lease Attempt Experience

So 440 with taxes and fees all included should be doable. He did not push it much though. Wanted to sell the car at invoice.

Agree. Just NY market though. They seem hesitant to even want to deal. Will try end of month everyone and will update accordingly. I would consider the lexus nx at 1% with minimal driveoffs. The car was real nice inside and out.

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Some people have said good things about Ray Catena Lexus of Freehold so I would reach out to them. When I was considering the RX in 2015, I also got a good price from Haldeman in Princeton

Thanks. I will see what they can offer. I mean with truecar pricing looks like i can reach the price point, but dealer in long island wont go beyond invoice.

That’s your problem right there. You need to try on the mainland.

Or NJ (20 characters)

I can attest to Ray Cantena Lexus. They gave my mom a great deal on a GX460 (after a lot of back and forth they finally made it happen). This was well over a year ago though.

Thanks everyone. Will try to reach out to nj or ct dealers. Will update if i am able to hack something decent.

NOT CT, nj is much better.

Thanks everyone. Just to update i called Ray Catena in nj and they willing to do 440 a month with just dmv and first month as drive off. They want 100 deposit but will have the wife test drive it first here in long island. I called another broker and they matched the price in NY. So i assume there is more room to go but seems decent price. The salesman at ray catena did say i cannot use msd. So other brands do not allow that either i guess and the manager at infinity was right i guess.

The Infiniti sales rep is wrong and so is this guy. People have used MSDs in the past as NYS residents

Out of curiosity, is CT worse to deal in?

Yes, they aren’t very competitive, especially the Greenwich area dealers. The Gods of Greenwich are willing to pay sticker so they don’t discount all that much

Yea I have the misfortune of living in that area, I find Danbury’s dealers more reasonable but still, not much. Nice to have confirmation that I am not just being unreasonable in my attempts to deal.

What I find crazy is one of my neighbors actually TRAVELED to Greenwich to lease their IS300. You only buy a car in Greenwich if you live there because it’s convenient. They are paying like 500 a month. They did it because they wanted the plate frames that said, Greenwich. Luckily I don’t talk to them that much because I can’t handle the ‘old’ money stupidity.

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That’s amazing, maybe I should sell my New Country Greenwich shitty plastic frames to aspiring hedge fundies and banker bros. I think my next deal attempts will focus up in Hartford or Mass, maybe NJ though as a born and raised New York City snob it would pain me :stuck_out_tongue:

You aren’t going to sell it to the real banker bros, you’re going to sell it to the wannabes.