June 2017 Lease Attempt Experience

Ok below i will list some of my experiences trying to lease a small to medium SUV in NY Metro Long Island Area. All of these are first month and DMV as drive offs. Terms are 36/10k.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

46,735 MSRP comes to 499a month with loyalty rebate. Have a TDM from jeep but they cannot find it so brings it to 460 a month. 2 weeks ago it was 489. Mind you i am looking for 3 of them. Plus I have bought from this guy before and send him people, but they are not budging. I know they can do better but this time they refuse to show all their numbers. Looks like these cars selling well. Even truecar discount seems limited. Another dealer wanted 539 a month for only 7500 miles. Residual varies into 55% and mf is .0004 chrysler or .0013 other banks. A broker offered an overland 50k msrp at 485 and 2500 in drive offs with no loyalty or conquest.

Lincoln MKC.

44k and change MSRP was 470 a month. Two dealers were very upfront in pricing. Maybe there was conquest not sure.

Acura RDX

44k and change MSRP wanted 530 a month. Refused to give numbers.

Lexus NX200

MSRP 44,870 price was 490 a month. I really liked the car, so i told the guy i would get it for 440 but he said he cannot but maybe some new incentives come he will call me to see if he makes it happen.

Cadillac XT5

52k MSRP for 509 a month plus taxes and fees up front. Or get a demo same MSRP fkr 450 a month.

Infinity QX50

46,800 MSRP wanted 579 a month. I told him no way is too high. I told them that is E class money. Manager comes over and again wants to talk payments only. I told him it has to be at 1% before even getting to a starting point. Showed him the 477 a month E class and he said no way the Philly dealer can do it since it requires MSD and its illegal since I live in NY. Anyone knows this tk be true? Than he told me the two jeeps i have i got a horrible deal on them (1% msrp and .89% msrp for the other). He got his brother a Jeep Grand Cherokee overland for 387 a month with no drive offs. I told him can i get 10 of those please? Then he trashed the lexus NX200 and how it is not selling and this and that. Acura is such a cheap car and i can get it for cheaper maybe.

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How about someone organize a group trip to a dealer. We get 10 people looking for same make and all show up together as a group. Power in numbers!!!
Busloads of seniors get better comps at the casinos than single walk-ins. Let’s apply that to car buying/leasing.

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I am looking for 3 jeeps and they refuse to deal. Maybe its just the month.

I’ve tried a couple of Jeep dealerships. No dice. They don’t seem to want to play. SUVs are selling so they don’t need deal.

Damn that’s a lot of duds. FWIW, Infiniti will reject the lease if you have MSD as a NY resident. Only brand to do that

Oh ok. So only infinity then right? So i was right it can be done with other brands. Yes, NY a different kind of market. So many people and they have a captive market.

U can apply MSD outside of ny even if you are NY resident. Only NY dealers do not offer MSD u can go to nj and get it.

Thanks. Man that guy could talk so much bs in 5 minutes. He was smooth though. I can only imagine how many people fall for it.

Yup only Infiniti. I have friends in Westchester who used them on a Lexus

You should’ve asked him what he drives and how much he paid for it

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Eh i try to not let it bother me. Not worth it. Just saying that most people would feel intimidated and buy it.

It’s not illegal if you are a NY resident, but infiniti doesn’t allow it if you are an NY resident. It is illegal to have MSDs from a dealer in NY but not one in lets say Jersey

Should be 399 + tax in NY.

Best bang for the buck IMO.

Is it me or do these all look like horrible leases?

With regards going in numbers, it often works against you if you are after an amazing deal. An amazing deal means the dealer looses money, so for every extra car they sell they go deeper into the negative.

Trust me, I could have sold all 16 of the hellcats at the dealer I got mine through, just look at the thread. In the end they cut their losses at 3 or 4.

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So getting a lease in jersey even if you are a NY resident is ok with MSD.

Yes but some makes nonetheless don’t allow it.

Wasting time on the Lincoln. Residual is garbage. Similar for Cadillac. Lincoln in the fastest depreciating brand in auto industry. Can be a great purchase as a used 2-3 year old low mileage car.

Well i was talking about e class mercedes. He said it cannot be done, but i guess it can.

Mkc had 60% residual give or take 1 percent. So not sure about that.