💯 JULY, Updated (7/7) NYCLIFE BEST LH Lexus deals. $316+ tax/fees, UX250h [NY/CT/PA/NJ]


We work with a plethora of dealers, and are bound to find a car that meets your needs. Part of the reason we get the best pricing is the volume of deals and great relationships we have with our dealers, leading to you, the buyer, getting the best deal possible.

Lease Consultant in Tri-State. Based out of NY
Our Mission: The best car buying experience at the lowest price possible!

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What’s the process?
First, we find the car you are looking for and confirm numbers with you to make sure is to find the car you are looking for and at the price you are looking for. Once confirmed, we ask for $100 upfront.

After the retainer fee is paid, I will send you a link to a dealer credit app, 100% secure to input your information.

Once approved, we schedule a time for you to pickup the vehicle! Once picked up the remainder of our fee is due and you are on the road in your brand new car!

Please PM me:

car you are looking for
payment structure


Updated for October!

Are these 2019s or 2020s?

All 2019s aside from NX, which is a 2020

@nyclife - just sent you a PM. Look forward to hearing from you! :slight_smile:

Added NX300Fsport

$376 + taxes/fees killer deal for the 2020

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I am looking for a RX350 Pls call 7329104495

Some bonkers specials on the 2020 NX/RX and 2019 ES350

Best deal on a small lux suv right now

$275 on an NX, crazy special, best on LH. NX300 + NX300 Fsport attached

Hi, looking to lease exactly the same 2020 Lexus NX 300 F sport basic black with red interior. What’s the monthly payment all rolled into one including taxes and inception for 36 /10 k or can be 27/10 k. Thanks. You can reply here or text 1.917.582.4470…Vlad, new here

I can do the deal right away

Click on the link

It tells you all the info right there.

Thanks, I ll do it now

Hey Vlad,

Please PM me so we can continue the discussion over there!


Pm you about Nx300.

Does the NX300 have any options? A base MSRP is not $43k

Is this thru Lexus Finance?

40k msrp is pretty base though

Yes through LFS

So what options does it come with?