JULY SoCal Range Rover 🔌 ~ Check Our Spread Sport/Full-Size ~ Legends Auto Group

SoCal Only! All Deals Are Pre-Tax and DO NOT Include Loyalty; Please Or Email Us For Info Regarding Any Cars on The Sheet

If you don’t see what you want on the sheet please reach out to one of us, this is not our entire inventory

Gor (424) 278-8216
Paul (818) 434-8063

Hello I would like a loaner velar for 499 what do you have possibly demo? thanks

You jack people are going to take your comment seriously :joy:


Pshh, that’s soooo doable, honestly.

I’ll take that 299/month evoque btw, new preferred but demo okay.

Anything is possible with enough down payment

What down payment do you want for a Velar $299/mo ?! (Demo)

Any interesting deals on a three-row Discovery?


:joy: :joy: