July Has Rolled Around....what SUV deals are looking extra good?

I checked GMC’s incentives through their site, and most are gone. I guess those March & April deals for the Terrain are not coming back. I am looking for an SUV, preferably right around or just under $190. 12k miles(24 mo or 36 mo lease). Anyone have any ideas? July 4th “deals” here in New JERSEY as advertised at local dealerships seem to be very lackluster, as I am not looking to put much, if anything down (I am still just kicking myself for missing the approx. $150/mo GMC Terrain deals back in early-spring).

SUV deals?


Most incentives for July aren’t even out yet. Be patient. Additionally July 4th “deals” aren’t really that special. There’s a holiday nearly every month that features a sale on cars. Nothing to get excited over for the most part


Following… I also bummed I missed out on the terrain deal.


I’m new to leasing. When do you think they will come out for July?

Just leased a 2018 Acura RDX Based Model, 36 month, 15000 miles per year with $1000 down and $355 monthly payment including tax.

Talked to 5 Acura dealerships in SoCal in the past week. Only 2 would do this deal, 2 other said they couldn’t go below $375 a month while another quoted $368 a month.

I’ve done quite a few QX60 lease deals below that $355/month number and terrain deals below $200/mo including tax. If you are in California, I can still get great deals under $400 and $200 respectively. PM me.

I am not even that big on the cheapest deals, just want a dealer that doesn’t outright try to screw me in every angle…

Talked to the dealer I am leasing my RX350 from and he said I can pretty much turn in the 2016 I have for equity towards a 2018 MSRP $48*** with 12k/yr. Accesories, Blindspot and no Nav. which will result in no drive off and my payments coming down to $455 after taxes($22 cheaper a month.) Or I can wait for the 2019 model with carplay however I will end up paying the same or a few bucks more, both deals seems to fit my budget just fine.

Navigation would be nice but I have never used nav ever so its unnecessary When I go out to eat I usually just eat at the places I love, I hate change I supposed. I only want the carplay for its apps…

As someone who was a customer of BiggL, give him a call if you are in CA. Very helpful and made the lease of a QX60 painless and got a good deal!

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Also in the market for an SUV and the RX is high on my list as well. If you can negotiate a similar dealer discount, 450h actually has better lease terms (higher RV, lower MF with MSDs) plus you save on gas compared to the 350. As for the navigation, I pretty much always use Google maps on my phone too but the infotainment system without the nav is the worst one I have seen. It is slow and uses a rotatory dial, the system with the nav has a joystick like controller that is way better in my opinion and you get to see the speed limit on your screen which I really like personally. Don’t get me wrong both systems are bad compared to BMW or Kia/Hyundai/Genesis but the system with nav is a 3/10 while the one without nav is a 1/10…

This is why I am contemplating waiting on carplay, not because of Apple maps but because I genuinely prefer the iOS interface. Not sure how its going to work in a car since I never as much as demoed it before but anything is better than the infotainment of 99% of the brands I’ve used. What I really miss is days when cars didn’t have that big ugly screen. Another nice thing about the RX450 is the state incentives, I think its an additional $1500-$2000 for California.