July Alfa Romeo Deals!

Hi Everyone! Right now we have been selling Alfa’s left and right due to the new program. I have sold several at or below 1% of MSRP. Having an affiliate, loyalty, and returning FCA lessee def helps make the numbers even more appealing, but even without qualifying for anything they’re still super competitive. MY email is jsutton_aepeach@yahoo.com or you can text/call me on my cell @ 814-504-0544. My promise stays the same. I will give my best numbers upfront, I will do it in a timely fashion, and most importantly, I won’t BS anyone. I have a fantastic reputation because of these simple rules I follow… I understand how important EVERYONE’S time is, and I am not here to waste it… I truly believe now is the time to save/make a move. In the past people have always waited for Alfa to change their tune, but June is a GIANT question mark as the programs could change for the worse, so let’s strike while the iron is hot…


Please be sure to answer below as accurate as possible, so I can properly quote you in a timely fashion…


• Full name and address with zip-code
• Who is your Employer? Spouses employer? I will personally check to see if your employer qualifies for Affiliate rewards. This is a chance for you to save more money.
• Can you tell me your color preferences and equipment preferences for your new car? You can also go to our website and select a Stock number that works best for you? (Most popular option)
• How many miles a year do you need?
• Do you currently have any leased, or owned FCA vehicles in your household? (Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, Ram, or Fiat?)

Link to my website- https://www.autoexpressalfaromeooferie.com/

It’s very important that I get all of these questions answered to provide Quick and Accurate quotes.

Thanks again for the opportunity

Deal for a 2019 Giulia TI

Tax, Reg fees, and first month payment EXCLUDED in this scenario
Deal shown requires S Tier Credit

MSRP $47,190
Selling Price $40,111
Rebate $2,000
Dealer Discount $7,079
17% off MSRP
10k miles a year

$463 a month for 24 months 0.37% rate through Ally (60% residual)
$460 a months for 24 months 0.07% rate through Ally (49% residual)

Keep in mind you can save $1500 additional with FCA loyalty starting Wed the 10th. You can also save additional money if your employer qualifies as an FCA affiliate. Email, or text/call me @ 814-504-0544 for YOUR best deal… jsutton_aepeach@yahoo.com

Having a Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, Ram, Fiat, or Alfa Romeo in your current household will qualify for FCA loyalty…

Link to the vehicle —


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Not to sound harsh but that’s a lot of word and no example of a deal. A good set up for a bait and switch without an actual deal to show for.

Good luck


For what it’s worth, Justin has been around the forums for awhile and from what I’ve seen has a solid track record. While a sample deal surely would help, I’d have no reason to believe he isn’t trustworthy.


What of the people that haven’t been here long enough to know who he is? I’m not discreting his affairs. I’m merely pointing out the fact that his ad is missing a crucial part; therefore, it’s rpone to be taken as my previous post stated.

Just an honest observation. Cheers!

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Use the search function and see all the deals he has facilitated


I don’t have to. It’s his job to make sure that his ads are presented according to the regulations here. I’m not teaching him anything new, if he’s been here that long.


You can go Google Auto Express Fiat Of Erie and look at my reviews and ALL the examples of bait and switch lol. My whole reputation is based off being a straight forward salesperson with no record of bait and switch. I appreciate your comment as it’s the first time I’ve read such a thing. This forum is not my Full Time job, I just love helping people. I made similar posts every month, and every month I continue to provide TOP TIER customer service… A posted deal could help sure, but let’s be honest…EVERY customer has a different situation and the Giulia and Stelvio both lease different…To be fair, I really don’t even know how to function the forum in full, I just make a post and receive tons of emails following the post… It’s hard to be on the forum constantly when I still have tons of clients that come into my showroom daily to ask for me…I appreciate you wishing me good luck though…

Take Care…


What are the current numbers for 24/10k and 24/12k for a 19 TI Sport in 22314 w/ military incentive?


I PM’d you. WOuld like a response as soon as you can.

I don’t see it. Please email me jsutton_aepeach@yahoo.com

Just emailed you.