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Congrats. That color is :bomb:

Less than 48 hours after contacting Jim I was driving home in my 2019 Tacoma SR5. Picking it up (3 hours both ways) ended up being a good learning experience for how to drive a truck, before then I only drove a truck (a real old Tacoma!) at work around the airport runway.

This was my first time trying to purchase/lease a personal vehicle, and I came across leasehackr while seeing if the deals i was getting from dealerships made any sense. The best I was offered for a 4wd vehicle (crappy crossover) was $300 a month 0 down (with all the fees etc included, the ‘advertised’ price was much, much less), but I was determined to end up with a truck. The best deal I had from my local dealerships was $3000 down $350 a month for a WORSE model Tacoma than I drove away yesterday thanks to Jim!

Besides the broker fee and first month’s payment I pay $290 a month for this thing! I would have went for a more expensive Tundra because it’d be worth it, but I’m newer to trucks than I’d like to be and didn’t need something that big. Other details: 36 months, 12k/year, no msds, etc. So in reality this was almost like a “worst case scenario” for trying to save money on a lease and it STILL came out amazing.

Couldn’t be happier. I pay less than anyone I know for my lease… and they can’t believe it. Even the little snag (acquisition fee that popped up) was taken care of by Jim. Don’t know how he does it!

This thing will carry me through my first years of moving out, working my full-time job, etc. Real growing moment here, and you’ve helped it happen, Jim.


New happy Tacoma TRD Sport owner!

Flew my kid to Philly yesterday so they could drive the truck back here to North Carolina.

MSRP: 38k
Monthly: $318.00 before rolling in the $500 for wear & tear coverage
Term: 24/12
DAS: 0

Jim was great to work with and the same goes for the dealership.


$47k truck for $294 all in. Unbeatable!
Just took the couple of hour drive to pick up this crewmax off road.
Jim is easy to deal with and offers advice that is right on.
The dealer is just as easy to recommend.
If you’re looking for a truck and you don’t use Jim, you’re wasting your time and money


Flew up to Philly from South Carolina last Thursday to pick up my new Tundra TRD Sport. Jim was great to work with and made the process so easy. The dealer had the truck ready first thing so we could drive right back on Friday. Thanks again Jim! We look forward to working with you on the next transaction :+1:

$49k MSRP, $320 a month with nothing down. Unbelievable deal :+1:


Flew from Illinois into Philly to pickup our new Cement Tundra TRD Off-Road. Jim makes the process easy and is very responsive. Jim’s dealer was on point and great to work with. Picked up the truck after work on Thursday and drove back 13 hours to Illinois on Friday. As mentioned in previous posts, no one can believe that my payments are so cheap. Jim is the real deal folks!

47K MSRP , $327 / month :+1:


As has been said many times already, Jim is the REAL DEAL. After lurking this thread for nearly a year, finally took the plunge and reached out to Jim in July for a new Taco and literally had the best experience I’ve ever had leasing a vehicle.

Jim provided all information via text, including answering every single of one of my many questions, and the cost he gave me is EXACTLY what was waiting for me when I arrived at the dealership. Was literally out the door in my new Taco in less than 30 min.

Folks, Jim is a real one and his deals are the best I have ever seen. Period. I literally spent the ride home muttering to myself that what just took place couldn’t have possible been real. But it was and I’m honestly grateful to have found this site and Jim.

@Jrouleau426 - see you in two years and thanks for everything!


Flew from Charlotte to Philly last week to get my Tacoma. $28 flight!

Like everyone has said, process couldn’t have been easier!

Recommend everyone getting a cheesesteak when in Philly!


hey just wanted to get around to post this deal thanks Jim

Cement Tacoma SR5 Auto V6 4x4 - $255/mo - 36 months /10k miles only 1st pmt down

Decided on SR5 since this is a second vehicle and probably will not be doing any off-roading anytime soon

Only hick up they wouldn’t do 24 months because residual was lower then would allow them through ally so ended up doing 3 yrs which might be even better deal

everything took 20 minutes and very easy process overall

would have liked tonneau cover included but they only come like that from factory so they couldn’t do it


Picked up my new tundra yesterday. 15 minutes at the dealership and an amazing truck came home with me. Thanks for your help!!


Jim is the best! No BS, texted Monday night and had deal by Tuesday afternoon! Picked this beauty up today

40k Taco Sport with tech, tonneau cover, loaded. 327/mo 24 mos. nothing DAS! And that’s with a small credit issue


Getting a tundra from Jim this week and it’s been smooth as butter so far. You want a dealer to treat you like a VIP? Call Jim.

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Big thank you to @Jrouleau426 - Jim - for the 2019 Toyota Tundra SR5 Crewmax 5.7 4wd OffRd. Picked it up yesterday!! His fee is the best $$ I have ever spent related to leasing a vehicle. Jim not only got the truck, but the dealership experience was just as he described, no hassles and in and out in under 60 minutes. His negotiated price for this $48K truck was amazing too and can’t wait to do more business when my other lease is up in a few months. Great job Jim!!!


My tundra arrived last night. Easiest transaction I’ve ever had on a vehicle even with shipping it to Florida. 328/month including tax no msds, 328 das, 12k 24 months.


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Another satisfied customer here! The whole process was very smooth and straight forward. Jim’s deals are unbeatable and people at the dealership were very nice. Easy drive back to NYC.


Jrouleau426 was absolutely awesome to work with. No hassle and professional dealership hand off and the paperwork at the dealership was completed in no time. (Jumped on a 2020 tundra deal) If you see a screaming good deal with him act fast as it’s worth it!
Thanks a million Jim!
A very happy new leasehackr


Couldn’t ask for an easier transaction. After getting stupid numbers from NY & NJ dealers including 4k down I found leasehackr and @Jrouleau426

My first contact was Thursday morning with a bunch of questions. By Monday I was on the train to the dealer and in 30 minutes driving back to NY with a sick deal on a 2019 Tacoma.

If your looking for a lease this is where to get it. The transaction may seem shady but it’s not and it’s the real deal.

Also like to compliment the dealership as they were all excellent to work with and easy to get to by train.

Hopefully we’ll be in touch for the next truck after this lease is up.


Thanks. Bought Toyota Highlander xle. No issues. Exact price at dealership no surprises. Sales people at dealership also awesome.