Joel Tasman Infiniti dealer midwest, Michigan and surrounding states

We are an Infiniti dealer in Michigan, serving Mi, Oh, In, Ill, Wi…willing to do deals anywhere but midwest makes most sense. No deal is a bad deal. I want to help…feel free to reach out on any model infinit you may have an interest in.
We will always be transparent, up front and easy to work with. We want the business and understand the nature of doing business on leasehacker.
I can be reached thru here or directly at 616-828-9333. I always answer my phone and will always get back to you.’
Thanks for your consideration.

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Hello, new to the site, Excited to be here, I want to help. Forgive me if this is in the wrong area, or i need to do something differently. This web site, although quite helpful, can be a challenge to navigate to a new user. I work for an infiniti dealer in grand rapids mi. We service all of west michigan, upper michigan, ohio, illinois, indiana, etc. We are willing to help anyone, however the best deals are for michigan residents, currently. I will try and keep this updated with new offers, usually 1 x per month.
please reach out if you are searching for something.

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Welcome Joel. This section is for users to post reviews of their experiences with dealers and brokers. You can leave this thread open but when you are ready to post some deals or inquire for business, please go to the Marketplace section.


thank you, wasnt sure.


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Hi All,

I just finished working with Joel, and while I ended up going with a different OEM than Infiniti (just down to personal preferences for another vehicle).

I just wanted to say that Joel was attentive, easy to get hold of, and to communicate with and worked very swiftly to get me quotes and options to consider. He was never too pushy and I felt he was really doing his best to provide me with excellent service.

Also his quotes could not be matched by another couple of dealers I tried that were more local to me.



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This was my first time looking into Infiniti after seeing some of the deals on here and I must say I was very pleased to deal with Joel. He gave me all the numbers quickly and made me a great deal!

I highly recommend him if you’re in the MI area.

Dealt with Joel for a Q50. We closed a deal within 3 days and he was great to work with. He’s responsive, respectful, easy to deal with, and follows up.

You give dealers a good name… Thanks again!

Signed a new lease with Joel over the weekend. He was great to deal with. He located the car I really wanted from another state and delivered it to my house. He was able to give a good deal that is straight forward and everything was as quoted when the car was delivered to me to sign.