Jetta 1.4T SE (Auto) Help

After hours of back-and-forth negotiations, I got his final offer. Please advise whether this is a good deal.

2017 VW Jetta 1.4T SE (Auto)

36/mo, 10k

MSRP: $23,135

Sales Price $16,430 (29% off MSRP)

RV: 48%
MF: .0000100 (APR: 0.02%)

Acquisition fee of $625
Document fee: $395

$1,500 due at signing (first month payment, Doc fee, License & Registration, Cap Reduction off $453.10)

$179/mo incl. TAX

I also negotiated the Lease-End Protection for $700 (down from $1,000)


Since the mf is essentially zero I’d roll everything in so just first month due. Other than that seems like a solid deal.

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Do you really need the lease protection on a 30,000 mile lease? That’s is a huge money maker for F&I

Yeah, you are right. The finance guy brought this up in last minute and scared the hell out of me what can happen without it :). Then I compared the details with my BMW and they are almost the same and I have not a single scratch or dent on my BMW after 25k miles. I am thinking to cancel it with a $50 fee :frowning:

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Cut your losses and pay the cancel fee. I was a “finance guy” for years and the lease protection was a money maker. Less than half of one percent of customers would ever make a claim.

Will do, I really appreciate your help. Btw, what do you think about the deal I got?

Your effective monthly payment is 220 which is just under the 1% rule for a brand (Audi/ VW) that doesn’t lease well to begin with. IMO sold job !

The sales rep and finance guy kept saying that they did around $1600 negative on this deal. Shall I believe them? :slight_smile:

I think not every lease end protection is a money maker. It depends upon the situation. No one can predict what will happen in the future. Mostly, you are the driver of your car and you know the risks. I think much better to be secure with the lease end protection.

I’m no jetta expert, but I thought sub $200 sign & drive jetta deals are the norm. I understand this car might have a few options but it’s also a 2017 with a terrible residual. Why not quote out a 2018?

Edit: didn’t realize this is an old thread, prob moot point.

Let me guess, you recommended DSR’s protection package? :roll_eyes:

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