Jet ski leasing

This might be the dumbest question on LH but has anyone ever leased a jet ski I read that Yamaha has a leasing program but couldn’t find any thing on their website

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Unusual, but not even top 25 dumbest imho.


I don’t think Yamaha makes the Jet Ski.

They do Yamaha Waverunners I really want a jet ski but don’t want to spend 12k so was wondering if there are any leasing options

I just looked it up.

Jet Ski is a Kawasaki product.

Yamaha makes the Wave Runner.

There is no Yamaha Jet Ski.

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I am not aware of captive leasing programs for powersports toys, but I may be wrong.

If anyone is leasing them, it’s a local genius who is gouging people.

Yamaha’s what makes Wave Runner?

IIRC, Yamaha Financial Services will finance these, but not with an installment loan, it’s basically (or perhaps actually) a revolving credit card account.

Even if you could use a Jet Runner as collateral, it would be cost prohibitive to repo (good luck finding it).

I also imagine that the default rate on a loan or lease would be astronomical on these, compared to a car.

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Right. Oddly, they also made the trumpet I played in middle school. :trumpet:


Have you seen any on dealer lots? I just went through a two month search in my region and my initial calls started with them laughing. Everyone that comes in is spoken for or custom order from close to last year.

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Owned many Sea Doos over the years. The best day of my life was when the last one was sold.

You put them on a lake, you can only go on that lake. Everyone hates you, especially fishermen.

They are nothing but a cop/sheriff/DNR magnet. If you ride on a lake you WILL be pulled over.

Buy a nice little fishing boat.

I don’t even own a boat anymore. I live in a state with 11,482 lakes.


I live 5 minutes from the beach I’ll have it parked at my house and take it out when I need it

You know the old adage about boat owners? (probably applies to all water craft)

Boat owners are excited TWICE in their life :

  • When they buy a boat
  • When they sell that boat.

Ok I’m intrigued…. Why is that? They think you’re intoxicated? Telling you to slow down? Or just plain… boredom? Never had a watercraft so curious as to why they’d go through this.

Isn’t it obvious? It’s the Fast and the Furious…on water…F&F10 coming to a theater near you.
Or basically it’s a motorcycle…on water.

Not much into water sports :man_shrugging::grin:
Sure, floored it a few times with rentals and such, but never considered them a law enforcement magnet :slight_smile:

Have owned PWC and multiple boats. Never pulled over on boats. Pulled over a few times on PWC to “check registration”. They are definitely LEO magnets.

In fairness, there is a reason the term “water lice” was coined. PWC riders can be some of dumbest, most inconsiderate people on the water. Can’t tell you how many I’ve almost killed in a boat because they will ride directly across the bow of a boat doing 50 MPH+ across open water in Havasu or Parker.

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The couple of Sea Doo watercraft we had would do well in excess of 70 mph. Wickedly quick, wickedly maneuverable, as in turn on a dime and give change.

In Minnesota where we live: “Must travel at slow-no wake speed (5 mph or less) within 150 feet of: shore (except when a PWC is launching or landing a water skier by the most direct route to open
water), docks, swimmers, swimming rafts, any moored or anchored watercraft or nonmotorized watercraft.
Cannot weave through congested watercraft traffic or jump the wake of another water-
craft within 150 feet of the other boat.
May only operate between 9:30 a.m. and one hour before sunset.”

So, basically everywhere people wanna ride, it’s no wake speed. Yes, they also think you’re drinking, most are. I’m almost 60, haven’t had a drink for 22 years. They can’t be ridden at night or before mid-morning.

I’ve ridden motorcycles my whole life, still do. I had personal watercrafts for about 20 years. Don’t miss them a bit.


No one answered the question lol

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I have never heard of leasing for boats or PWC