Jeep Wrangler Finance/Lease Question


I’m not sure about financing vs leasing. I’m looking at a 2019 wrangler sahara with sky roof, led lights, cold weather, remote engine start. auto transmission and 3.6. It’s originally 49K and with “coupons”, affiliate program and first responder discount the total is down to 43. I can get financing at 2.75/60 months through my bank.

The lease payment would be 540/month with 3k down which seems absurd. I asked if there’s any room in the car for financing purposes and was told no. My concern is JL reliability. I’ve read some stories online and get concerned. Additionally there’s no long term skyroof reliability to judge it on.

Does anyone have any input? Should I get a hardtop instead? I’m scared because these are big car payments and part of me thinks I should go back to BMW where they offered me a great deal on a demo 3 series but something about the jeep is so alluring.

Thanks everyone!

Best case you can push for a better discount since it’s a 2019 and without much effort you can order a 2020 for what they offered you. However, you’ll probably still be in the 500/month range all-in.

Just a note if you do end up purchasing - the options on these depreciate a lot in the first year or two. If you’re looking at resale value in a few years keep this in mind. Stripped down models almost always offer the lowest cost of ownership short term.

I’m looking at a black tan wrangler unlimited and it seems like they have pretty good deals going on right now any advice on what to ask to maximize savings on a lease 12/36

They’re offering 12% under msrp plus addition $500 conquest incentive and $500 if you qualify through Chrysler which I’m sure I can, previously leased with tier one. Leas is coming up to an end in May it’s a 17 wrx with slightly over 1500 miles excess.
Thank you !!

Jeep dealers are known for posting Bait and switch pricing on their websites, theses discounts are also conveniently not applicable to leases. Tons of 1 star reviews on Yelp if you want to take a read for yourself.


is there a conquest rebate on Wrangler now??

Not for leases.

Yes I believe it’s 500

Won’t bother, thanks !