Jeep wrangle 4xe transfer allowed? Sell other car instead?

Have a leased wrangle 4xe on 24 month all rolled into monthly payment at NY location. (9 months into 24 month lease)

  • I’m not sure who the leasing company is, helping family member, they did get the jeep incentives and all so I assume it’s through whoever it’s normally leased with, maybe that’s ally financial services and this won’t be allowed for a lease transfer ?

Have a fully owned 2014 mercedes as my alternative option to sell this away.

Need to get rid of one.

Are my best options to contact various brokers for buy out prices ? Can the Jeep lease be transferred ? I know I should be calling the leasing company to ask that

None of the main Jeep banks allow lease transfers.

Your only real option here is to find out what bank the lease is through, what the current buyout is, and to get buyout offers. Expect to be thousands in the hole.

If the Jeep is not 24 tell them to sell the Benz.

Curious to ask, why do you mention 2023 vs 2024 ?

Because 23s tanked but they might still be able wash their hands and walk away on a 24. We were able to drive our 24 HA for free for 4 months.

But the 23 will also have a lower balance. But this is all moot until we know what the actual payoff is.