Jeep Wagoneer Carbide- 70k msrp- lease transfer. 12 month’s remaining. $699 A month including NY taxes. $2000 DAS


12 month’s remaining.
7500 miles on car. 12,500 miles availability till use. Lease maturity 09/01/2024.

Pristine condition.

2022 model V8. The 2023 model is now a V6

Carbide edition. 2nd row bench.
70k msrp

Reach out via email

Unless this is through an obscure credit union, none of the banks that do jeep leases allow lease transfers.

Its through Ally.
They don’t allow transfers?

  • Please double check the following information. *

Leases cannot be transferred in the first 6 months or the final 6 months of the lease term. Transfers across state borders are not permitted. All parties must reside in the same state. To be eligible for a lease transfer, the vehicle must be clear of any open recalls. If there is an outstanding recall that the manufacturer currently does not have an available remedy for, the vehicle is not eligible for transfer until that recall is completed. Please visit for information on your vehicle’s status.

Addtl. Restrictions

Effective May 17, 2019, the current Ally customer (lessee) must contact Ally to provide consent for the transfer and initiate the process. Once contact is initiated, the credit application form will be sent to the current Ally customer. Please be advised, additional fees and/or taxes may be due at time of registration. Contact the BMV/DMV in the applicant’s jurisdiction for further information regarding potential additional fees and/or taxes.

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Not sure about the part that has to be same state, everything else is accurate.


Ally stopped allowing lease transfers in 2020 during covid and have not started back up. That info posted is out of date.

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I will call them tomorrow to confirm

Feel free to post pictures.

I’m pretty interested [I live in NY, currently have a long term rental] if you figure out how to transfer it. You can DM me if necessary.

Thank you for all who inquired. It seems that Ally doesn’t allow lease transfers unfortunately.

I apologize

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