Jeep Trackhawk lease option

Anyone have any idea what a Trackhawk lease might look like. Retail is $100k. It’s definitely a car I would like to keep so I’m not sure if leasing it first and then buying it out right at the end might be more affordable. Thank you

They aren’t offering any discounts, and the residuals aren’t very good. You are going to be looking at at $1200 per month payment at a minimum. They don’t qualify for employee or “friends and family” either.

Thank you ! Sounds like a crazy payment !!

1200 with like 10k in drive offs maybe.

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Looked it up on Honcker because I was curious

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk 2XV
MSRP $98,615

$1518/mo with $1901 due at signing (3yr 12k miles)

Looks like the monthly price has been fluctuating between about $1300 and $1600 and it’s the only one on there currently.

Sounds accurate to my prediction.