Jeep Grand wagoneer series 3


@djrabbi Wagoneers are still more exclusive around me. The only other reason to go Wagoneer or GW is for the payment. You can get a cloth seat Yukon for $1100/month or a loaded Wagoneer :person_shrugging:

Agreed, but I’m not surprised either. They don’t sell all that well. Everyone has a Yukon or Tahoe (for large SUV’s around here)…followed by Escalades.

Where to begin…

Yes I did. It’s a 2023 series 3. Msrp 82600 for 950 a month. Sign and drive and they took over my 2 payments of previous lease worth 1180.

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Nice! Would love to see a post in Trophy Garage - 2 [Photos]

I hope you have a smooth lease experience!

Ain’t nobody got time…to detail that thang

Take your choice between silver and beige/gold.

Why is that screen small? Do you have to pay to upgrade? Crazy.

That’s the best you can get on a Wagoneer. You can option a passenger screen that is integrated above the glovebox. GW has a double screen setup.

Hey guys need some help,

Just got quoted on a grand wagoneer series 2 obsidian
MSRP $107,000
Selling price $91,500
10,000 miles per year
42 months Lease term
$3,000 down
$1453 lease payment tax included (9.5% Los Angeles)
MF .00214
Residual $51,000

Does this make sense? Should I be asking for more?

Thank you :pray:t2:

Don’t do it

Mine and along with many other owners doing buybacks on these

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No, it doesn’t. It never makes sense to spend this percentage of a vehicle’s purchase price to lease it.

How much of this delta is dealer discount, and how much of this is factory incentives? Is this a CCAP lease, and if so, does it make more sense to do this through another lessor like Ally?

I don’t think you’re going to end up with a palatable lease deal on this vehicle regardless, but those would be the first places to take a more careful look as you learn how leases are constructed.

I think it’s worse that Stellantis isn’t doing goodwill buybacks and is instead forcing you through a lemon process.

Involving lawyers adds 10+ weeks to getting money back. And a lemon process won’t have you in a loaner or paid rental.

Families usually rely on a single family hauler, you don’t see most families collecting dozens of cars in the driveway. Buying or leasing a Stellantis product means high likelihood of facing the situation where you have no car and no money to get a new car for months. While waiting for lawyers to do their thing. Terrible.

This is beyond dumb. Stellantis should just trade assist (substitution of collateral) into a new Wagoneer/GW

For real, they have so many rotting on lots. A collateral swap would make sense. But instead they just tell people to keep waiting for repairs even when things stretch pass the statutory lemon period.

they know a vehicle is destined to be a lemon, but their process won’t allow a goodwill buyback. They require people to involve lawyers.

I agree. I’d get another but I feel like dealers have no idea what they doing with wagoneers

And yet for some reason people still continually flock to these Chrysler products. Most knowing well that they’re all garbage

Other reason is new GW is an I6 Hurricane and that engine has TONS more issues alone vs the 6.4 Hemi that I have.

So if I were to get a new one, I would have to add engine issues into that decision. At least I can drive my car now with the small ongoing issues.

LOL, the memory seat thing cracks me up. We have had three JGCs… two Overlands and currently have a High Altitude. Every single one had seat memory issues. Most were it would just randomly forget the seat memory settings. Also, all three would always lose the easy entry function where the seat moves back when you turn car off. I got real good at recalibrating the seat.

Hilarious how Jeep seemingly can’t figure out how to get their memory seats to work. Hahaha.

I like how Stellantis chose to beta-test their new I6 with the most expensive vehicles in the fleet.

Have you heard how bad the Hornets have been? Talk about a failed launch of a product.